Tuscaloosa Tornado Damage from April 2011

Tuscaloosa Pre-Tornado Damage

The aerial shot above shows a 1/3 mile stretch along 15th St E in Tuscaloosa from before the tornado went through in April 2011. Carly and I walked along this street on our way to the University of Alabama on New Years Eve. Here’s what things looked like 8 months after the tornado:

Tuscaloosa Tornado Damage

This is facing east along 15th from the lower left portion of the aerial shot. The area along the road used to be home to fast food locations for blocks.

Tuscaloosa Tornado Damage

This is looking north from the same spot, zoomed in across a barren wasteland to one the remaining homes.

CVS Pharmacy Temporary RX

Over on the NE corner of 15th & McFarland is a CVS pharmacy that continues to fill prescriptions out of a trailer pharmacy.

This is just a small segment of the tornado’s damage path. PBS has a before/after slider that shows the extent of the damage. The above photos show the 2 blocks to the NW of the mall in the middle of PBS’ slider.

The tornado wasn’t done after Tuscaloosa. It went through Birmingham as well as this TripLine animation shows.

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