A Ramsey County Taxpayer Vikings Stadium Subsidy Perspective #wilfare

As Ramsey County Commissioners Tony Bennett and Rafael Ortega continue to in their efforts to redistribute their county’s wealth to a New Jersey businessman, perhaps now is a good time to look at who’d pay vs. who’d benefit from the Arden Hills Vikings Stadium plan:

Arden Hills Vikings Stadium Wilfare geography

Wilfare geography

Two legislators who are about as far removed from Ramsey County as one can get while still being in the State of Minnesota, are pushing Vikings stadium wilfare bills through the state House and Senate. Sounds like a good deal for them at the expense of Ramsey County.

This infographic overplays who’d benefit from this deal. The biggest beneficiary would be Zygi Wilf, who’d see his franchise’s value increase by hundreds of millions of dollars due to hundreds of millions in subsidized from Ramsey County. If we zoom out a bit, we can see where Ramsey County’s wealth would be redistributed to:

Redistributing Ramsey County's Wealth to Park Avenue, New York City

That’s 778 Park Ave in New York City. Zygi Wilf’s $20 million apartment.

Other beneficiaries of Ramsey County’s wealth redistribution would include the tens of thousands of Vikings season ticket holders who largely live largely outside of Ramsey County. They would see their tickets subsidized at a rate of $40 per ticket per game for the next 30 years. It’s a nice public subsidy for those wealthy enough to be able to afford season tickets.

2 thoughts on “A Ramsey County Taxpayer Vikings Stadium Subsidy Perspective #wilfare”

  1. How about we convert one of the proposed Luxury Boxes at the stadium to a residential unit and do a long range lease to Ziggy at say… $19 million a year (He saves $1 Million Dollars)and he can write that off!

    Will that help prevent the tax payers from having to pick up the tab?

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