Run Minneapolis: St Anthony West and East

NE 11th Ave at NE Main St

On December 18th, Carly and I toured St. Anthony West and East neighborhoods of Northeast Minneapolis from the Mississippi to Central Ave starting on 11th Ave NE at Main and heading toward the river.

Elements Pizza

We parked behind Elements Pizza at Broadway & Main.

Graco Skyway

11th Ave NE runs into Graco (Worldwide Leaders in Fluid Handling). The skyway runs between two of their buildings on a part of Sibley Street that is more of a parking lot for the company today.

Old Scherer Bros Lumber Location

Heading south on Sibley, we passed the old Scherer Bros Lumber location on the Mississippi. The Park Board purchased the property in 2009 and working to reconstruct the land as park land. Here is a before shot from Google’s satelite view:

Old Minneapolis Scherer Bros Lumber Location

Plymouth Ave Bridge

The Plymouth Ave Bridge remains closed. North and NE have been without a full set of bridges for quite some time now. Lowry appears to be closer to completion that Plymouth, where no work appears to be taking place.


Elsie’s Restaurant, Bar and Bowling Center, on Marshall at 8th, is a neighborhood institution. I’m a fan.

North East Yacht Club

Across the street from Elsie’s, the North East Yacht Club seems to specialize in large macro brews. At least, that’s been my experience.

St Anthony of Padua Catholic

St Anthony of Padua Catholic is on Main St at 8th. Established in 1849, it was the first Catholic mission parish established in Minneapolis.

Jesus is big in Northeast.

Catholic Eldercare

When we reached Broadway, we cut back toward the river on 9th & 10th, where we ran into Catholic Eldercare. This nursing home, associated with St Anthony of Padua Catholic, raises money at Elsie’s through pulltabs. It will be interesting to see what happens to their funding if pulltabs start funding a new Vikings stadium.

Battery City

Battery City, at 9th & Ramsey, has come and gone. This sure seems like a good site for a brewery. Know anyone looking for a location?

The 1029 Bar

Heading back up from the river on 11th, we turned in front of the 1029 Bar. A must-include in any legitimate NE dive bar tour.

Minneapolis Pioneers Statue

At Marshall & 5th, we encountered the latest home of the Pioneers Statue. It dates back to 1935, was downtown until 1961, and until recently resided at the point of Marshall & Main Streets. Now it’s in the newly refurbished area on Boom Island Park across Marshall from its previous location.

St. Constantine Ukrainian Catholic Church

We turned east on 5th at Marshall, and passed St. Constantine Ukrainian Catholic Church at University. Ornate dome.

St. Michael's and St. George's Ukrainian School

One block further east at 4th St NE and 5th Ave NE is St. Michael’s and St. George’s Ukrainian School. A Ukrainian Orthodox church.

All Saints Catholic Church

At the same corner is All Saints Catholic Church (Polish).

St. Anthony Park - Minneapolis

Yes, there is a park called St. Anthony in St. Anthony Park. This picture is from Spring St near Jefferson St NE.

Moose on Monroe

I found a bar in Minneapolis that I’ve never been to or even heard of: Moose on Monroe. That will change.

Spring Street Tavern?

Same situation. I’ve never been down Spring Street before, so have never been to the Spring Street Tavern.

Vegas Lounge

Vegas Lounge at Central Ave & Spring St takes karaoke seriously.

Lush Food Bar

Crossing Central Ave, we circled around Lush. This was the location for the official HRC gala after-party (a classy gay bar).

Park on Summer St at Central

We started working our way back toward the river on Summer St. This small park is on Summer at Central Ave.

St Maron's Catholic Church

Summer took us to 6th Ave NE, where we passed yet another church. St Maron’s Catholic Church (Maronite). St. Maron’s dates back to 1903, with the current church being constructed in 1948.

Dickman Park

We turned north on Main St and passed Dickman Park. It’s named after Ralph E. Dickman, a Hennepin County Commissioner.

Boom Island Park

At 8th, we looped through the small neighborhood tucked in between Elsie’s and Boom Island Park. Cool neighborhood. At the south end, I snapped this shot of the Minneapolis skyline.

St Anthony West and East Running Route

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  1. Ed,

    The work on the Pymouth Bridge begins sometime next spring or summer. As I understand it, replacing the cables or whatever they have to do is work that needs to be done in a continuous process, and there wasn’t time to start and complete the work this year.

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