Run Minneapolis: Whittier, Stevens Square, Downtown, Metrodome

Clinton Ave S at E 25th St

Carly and I ran a 7 miler from Whittier, through Stevens Square, downtown, and past the Metrodome in the fresh snow on December 4th.

Clinton Field Park

We started at Clinton Field Park, next to the 35W sound wall.

Church of St. Stephen

Church of St. Stephen, the catholic church at at 22nd & Clinton, has a long history of helping the homeless and people with chemical dependencies in South Minneapolis. In 2008, the parish got a little too liberal for its own good, leading to a split in 2008. Here’s a right-wing take on what went wrong:

It got worse. The gifts were presented, pita bread and the de rigueur Kool Aid pitchers of wine, normally used by dissenting parishes. The Sacramental Minister remained seated. They were presented to laypeople. At this point, I started to lose track of what was going on. There was just too much wrong.

The female “minister” then said the priest’s “Blessed are you Lord” prayer while the Sacramental Minister watched.

Then at the “consecration” of the host and the wine into the Body and Blood of Christ, THE ENTIRE CONGREGATION RECITED THE WORDS OF THE CONSECRATION ALONG WITH THE PRIEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He resumed saying the Eucharistic Prayer and when he raised the platter of pita bread at the “Great Amen”, THE FEMALE “MINISTER” RAISED THE K-MART GLASS GOBLET OF WHAT WOULD HAVE BEEN THE PRECIOUS BLOOD UNDER NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES.

Drifting from top-down authority, giving women positions of power, and pita bread. Whoops. The rebellious crowd now worships down the block under the name Spirit of St. Stephens.

Lincoln International High School

Lincoln International High School is a charter school targeting immigrant students. It’s in what I believe was previously a school affiliated with St. Stephens.

Old Apartments at 18th & Clinton

This is one of the older neighborhoods of Minneapolis, as these apartments illustrate.

Minnesota African American Museum and Cultural Center

We ran into the 35W/94 interchange, so had to cut over to 3rd Ave S, where we found the new Minnesota African American Museum and Cultural Center.

Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Bridge on 3rd Ave over I-94

The design of bridge over I-94/35W was sponsored by Dayton’s (pre Marshall Fields, pre-Macy’s) and was inspired by a bridge design by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Central Lutheran Church

Central Lutheran Church was founded in 1917, and their current church building was completed in 1928.

Hennepin County WIC Program

The Hennepin County WIC Program program is across the street from the Minneapolis Convention Center. I’ve heard that this is the place you can go if you need financial help, but not if you’re in hardcore need of help, since that would look bad next to the convention center.

Campbell Mithun Tower

Campbell Mithun Tower lists “secure bike storage” among its on-site amenities. Sounds like a solid place to work.

Foshay Tower

Foshay Tower was the tallest building in Minnesota from 1929 (surpassing City Hall) to 1972 (dwarfed by the IDS Center).

Avis Downtown

If you ever need to rent a car locally, this Avis is a good choice. Way cheaper than picking up at the airport. Also, action shot self-portrait in the window.

Accenture Tower

Accenture Tower has a significant footprint in downtown Minneapolis. For an outsourcing company, they have some serious real estate.

Hennepin County Government Center

Hennepin County Government Center. Our county commissioners’ offices, county courts, and lots of municipal number crunchers.

Occupy Minnesota at Hennepin County Government Center

This was the scene at the Occupy Minnesota People’s Plaza.

Minneapolis City Hall

Minneapolis City Hall.

Federal Courthouse

The Federal Courthouse. A popular place for the NFL to tie up the public courts to solve their labor disputes.

Rick's Cabaret

Rick’s Cabaret. A publicly traded Houston, Texas based strip club chain. Buy local.

See the guy shoveling down the block? When we passed him, he said “See you in London!” The Olympic Trials haven’t been held yet, but I think that’s worth a spot of the team for Carly and me.

Lickety Split

I appreciate that Lickety Split keeps things seasonal in their window displays.

Milwaukee Road Depot

There is no longer a train yard between Washington Ave and the Mississippi, but the Milwaukee Road Depot lives on as a hotel, restaurant, and event center.

US Federal Office Building

I’m not sure what happens in the Federal Office Building these days.

Dunn Bros Depot

One of the cooler Dunn Bros coffee shop locations.

Mill Place Office Building

The Mill Place Office Building is home to Dunn Bros’ HQ among other businesses.

Downtown Post Office

The Downtown Post Office is an impressive building that’s had its back turned to the Mississippi River since 1933. Some day, this will be turned into something that emphasizes the waterfront.

We turned back on 2nd St.

100 Washington

Special Olympics Minnesota is among the tenants of 100 Washington.

The Crossings Condos

The Crossings Condos are some of the only skyway-connected downtown condos.


Qwest is now CenturyLink, but their location remains on 5th St between 2nd & 3rd Aves.

Capella Tower

Capella Tower (aka 225 South Sixth), on 6th St at 3rd Ave. According to the leasing website, 155,000 sq. ft are available.

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans’ Minneapolis HQ is on 4th Ave at 6th St.

Vikings Parking $8

I hear people say that parking downtown is difficult during Vikings games. The ramp across 6th St from Thrivent was charging $8 today. That’s a 3 block walk on short downtown streets vs. $25 across from the Dome. 35W spits people into downtown onto the street that hits this ramp from the South, and the 6th St Exit of 394 does as well. Seems pretty easy to me.

Minneapolis Armory

The Minneapolis Armory was built in 1936, used by the National Guard, for boxing, NBA basketball, concerts, and now, as a parking lot. Hopefully, it will find a better use in the future.

Hennepin County Sheriff's Office Crime Laboratory Unit

Hennepin County Crime Lab. Home of our local Dexters?


The Metrodome. Scalpers were still trying to unload tickets 30 minutes after kickoff.

Hubert's Cafe & Sports Bar

Huberts. The economic impact of a professional sports stadium summarized in one bar. Hubert’s followed the Twins across town by opening a second location near their stadium. Their site defaults to that location and has the Metrodome location a click away.

HCMC Laundry Facility

Economic impact of a sports stadium? Nope. That’s a laundry facility for Hennepin County Medical Center. It’s quite the operation. Employs a lot of people. A good use of stadium wasteland.

1010 Metrodome Square

Built in 1923, what’s now called the 1010 Building is the former home of the Strutwear Knitting Company was once the site of a labor strike that turned violent.

After the confrontation between the truckers and the company, there was more violence on the picket line. Police arrested some strikers and beat others. Several were injured. Facing escalating strike violence, Governor Floyd B. Olson called in the National Guard to prevent the company from opening the plant. The company then sued the governor, the mayor, and the union for obstructing trade and ignoring a court injunction. Still, the strike continued. In April of 1936, after eight months of holding out, Strutwear company agreed to most of the strikers’ demands. The strike was won.

A governor who shut down a company to protect workers. How times have changed.

$25 Metrodome Vikings Game Day Parking

For people too lazy to walk an additional 2 blocks, there are people willing to charge an additional $13 per car.

We turned back on 5th St before 6th took us onto I-94.

511 Building

The 511 Building between 5th & 6th Aves happens to be home to one heck of a lot of internet connected servers in the Minnesota Gateway Data Center.

Metrodome LRT Station

The Metrodome LRT station. A cheap and efficient way for people to get downtown from as far as the Mall of America. And, soon, from the University of Minnesota downtown St. Paul as well. (But not to/from Arden Hills, MN.)


The StarTribune headquarters on Portland at 5th. I stood in line there for a homer hanky back in the day.

Hubert H Humphrey at City Hall

There is Hubert H Humphrey Mall of America standing outside City Hall.

US Bank Plaza

US Bank Plaza (formerly Pillsbury Center) is now home to many law and accounting firms.

At 2nd St we turned south to head back to where we parked.

WCCO Radio 830

WCCO Radio has stayed on the air even after losing Denny Hecker’s constant radio commercials.

St Olaf Catholic Church

St. Olaf Catholic Church at 2nd Ave & 8th Street. I’m often confused by St. Olaf being affiliated with a Catholic rather than Lutheran church. (BTW, I have the same jacket as the guy crossing the street.)


We don’t hear much about Oracle in Minneapolis, but I’m sure they power the data side of many of our largest companies.

The Ivy

The Ivy. It’s a spa. It’s a hotel. It’s “residences”. And home to Porter + Frye restaurant.

Catholic Charities of St. Paul & Minneapolis

The headquarters for Catholic Charities of St. Paul & Minneapolis is at 12th St & 2nd Ave. Among their achievements over the past year:

  • Provided almost 73,000 nights of shelter at the Dorothy Day Center in St. Paul
  • Distributed 900,000 pounds of food at our three food shelves

View from Minneapolis Convention Center

We passed in front of the Minneapolis Convention Center. Here’s my beef with the view from here: It’s not abundantly clear that there are many walkable restaurants and bars from this location.

Minneapolis Fire Station #6

We passed Fire Station #6 behind the convention center.

Eastbound I-94 from 3rd Ave facing West

We crossed over I-94 on our way back into Ventura Village. I’ve heard of plans to cover this gulch separating downtown from the rest of the city and putting in a park on top. That sounds very ambitious, and pretty darn awesome.

Boiler Room Coffee

Boiler Room Coffee is along Avenue of the Arts (3rd Ave near the MIA) at 19th near Stevens Square. They have fancy waffles.

Hennepin History Museum

The Hennepin History Museum, on 3rd across from Stevens Square, has a collection of property photos from 1900-1945 from Confer Realty Company and a collection of photos from the Gateway District downtown from before it was razed.

Washburn Fair Oaks Park

Washburn Fair Oaks Park. I can remember playing Jarts in this area of the park after going to St. Stephens Church as a kid. Back before Jarts were banned.

Minneapolis Institute of Arts and The Children's Theatre Company

Minneapolis Institute of Arts and The Children’s Theatre Company are in the 2400 block of 3rd Ave. Looking down the sidewalk, you can see some irresponsible parents taking their kids to the final showing of A Wrinkle in Time at the Children’s Theatre.

Hold in 35W Sound Wall

We wrapped up back at the 35W sound wall, where we found a small peep hole next to Clinton Field. Here’s the view:

Peaking onto 35W

Overall, a good run. From poverty to wealth. From professional sports to art.

Run Minneapolis: Stevens Square, Downtown, Metrodome

7 thoughts on “Run Minneapolis: Whittier, Stevens Square, Downtown, Metrodome”

  1. Two things to point out. You started out in Whittier and not Stevens square. Second that park at the end of your post is Washburn Fair Oaks not the square which is north of Franklin, the border of those two neighborhoods.

  2. You wondered about the Federal Building. There is a passport agency in there that is extremely well run. Last month I needed an emergency renewal, and 10 minutes to drop off in the morning and 5 minutes to pick up later in the day got me a new passport. I asked about the rest of the building, and the guards said it’s used for processing military recruits. “You walk in the front door a civilian and leave on a bus fighting for Uncle Sam”, or something like that.

  3. Wait – Parents taking their kids to see A Wrinkle in Time is irresponsible? Parents waiting until the last day to take their kids there is irresponsible? I’m confused. I can’t watch the clip (I’m at work) but I don’t recall this story being traumatic when I read it in elementary school.

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