An Exercise in Futility for @savethevikesorg #wilfare

@sumnums ran “some nums” on how much the Wilf family is demanding from the public to build their 21,000 car parking lot in Arden Hills (with a replacement NFL stadium).

All in, with interest, @sumnums’ calculation of the cost per household for every single household in the State of Minnesota is $449.75. That’s based on ~$1 billion in debt payments divided by the state’s population and assuming 2.45 people per household.

Based on that figure, here is an idea for Cory Merrifield from @savethevikesorg: Walk out your door, knock on your neighbor’s door, and ask them for a check written out to Zygi Wilf for $449.75. Then go to the next door, and the next. If you get 100% of Minnesota’s households to agree to that (100%), we’ll have the money we need to build a stadium.

I’m sure Cory would be willing to make up for my lack of commitment to Wilf’s wealth at the expense of bigger state priorities.

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