The Deets Turns 8 Today

Eight years o bloggin’.

Here are the most popular posts from the past 365 days based on views by Minnesotans to The Deets:

  1. Minnesota Vikings Now #1 Most Arrested Team in the NFL
  2. Minnesota’s Anti-Gay Senators
  3. Don Allen, Poopgate, and $15,000 from Minneapolis Schools
  4. Marley Danner Added to White Collar Crime Map
  5. Was Paul Koenig of PAMIKO Properties at the Johnny Northside Trial?
  6. Hidden Cameras, Puppy Mills, and Pork
  7. A Plea to Andy Post of Minnesota Democrats Exposed
  8. Does Joe Soucheray Read His Own Paper? #Vikings Stadium Wilfare & Property Taxes
  9. Vikings Stadium Myths Exposed, Exposed
  10. Jim Bratz = Josh Hewitt: A Militant Zygi Wilf Welfare Supporter #vikings

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