A Proposal for Vikings Tailgaters: Personal Tailgate Licenses #Wilfare

A certain segment of uber-loyal Minnesota Vikings fans seem to believe that cleaning up a Superfund site so it can then be paved over to create a 21,000 car parking lot is the key to happiness. These same fans have loyally attended every Vikings home game in the Metrodome, so it seems like they are able to enjoy Vikings games without driving to Arden Hills, but let’s assume that it really would make their lives significantly better. What could they do to make that dream a reality?

The People’s Parking Lot

It’s time for tailgaters to work together to make the Arden Hills proposal work for htem. Since the cost difference is as much as $200 million vs. downtown Minneapolis, and a plan that public officials have a hard time subsidizing (a 21,000 car parking lot while taking revenue away from municipal ramps?), the difference should be made up by tailgaters.

If the 5,000 more hardcore tailgaters simply wrote a check to Zygi Wilf for $40,000 each, that gap could be bridged. It could even be done with personal seat license style financing with 10% down and the rest paid of 30 years at 8% interest. Personal tailgating licenses.

If tailgaters are willing to put some skin in the game, they may be able to make their dream a reality by making the Arden Hills proposal at least somewhat more economically competitive with Minneapolis venues. And, if they aren’t willing to help subsidize the costs of their 10 days a year playground, we’ll understand that it’s a want but not a need.

5 thoughts on “A Proposal for Vikings Tailgaters: Personal Tailgate Licenses #Wilfare”

  1. It sounds like a plan, but I worry about two things; one being the Progressive thought that everyone deserves a tailgate spot, and two, what will happen when those ‘everyones’ have to default on their eight Sundays a year spots. I’m already carrying the load for the Progressive agenda via an underwater home mortgage – I’d hate to take on a straw for a milti-millionaire’s wet dream.

  2. “If the 5,000 more hardcore tailgaters simply wrote a check to Zygi Wilf for $40,000 each, that gap could be bridged. “======= This betrays a really smug attitude, Ed.

  3. @Rat, that was not meant as a statement about my financial situation. It’s simply an illustration of the true cost of what tailgaters are demanding. If it’s not worth that to them, it’s not worth doing.

  4. @Rat, what Augusta charges, and who is eligible to have the honor of paying are two different things.

    More importantly, if tailgaters aren’t willing to pay for the People’s Parking Lot, why should non-tailgaters?

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