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Twitter’s new activity tab is pretty interesting. It shows who your friends have recently followed, favorited, or retweeted. I’ve already used it to discover some interesting people that I find interesting have found interesting, thus shortening the time until I found them from an eventual retweet to the follow action.

But, then I saw this:

Pat Kessler's New Follows

Which made me think “How could Kessler just now be following such influential political communications people?” Public Affairs Director – Minnesota House GOP? Deputy Chief of Staff in the office of Governor Mark Dayton of Minnesota?

It makes me wonder what other nuggets people will find in their timelines of activity over time.

4 thoughts on “Twitter Activity Tab”

  1. If you put people on a list their tweets show up in your list’s timeline without you having to follow them. Maybe he was already reading them anyway?

    Also, Twitter has frequently shown me that someone I know I followed is now not being followed, or someone I had added to or removed from a list is not where I put them. Could be he had been following them and then for some reason Twitter showed him he wasn’t so he followed them again.

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