The Latest Vikings Stadium #Wilfare Astroturfer: @johncasher1

When people start up brand new Twitter accounts and immediately start making ad hominem attacks against me on Twitter, I tend to think they are Josh Hewitt. I don’t know if he’s the guy behind this account yet, but it does mirror his tactics and style.

Here is the latest example from earlier today:

@johncasher1 to @edkohler

When he first started harassing me, he hadn’t bothered to upload a photo of himself. Once he did, he looked like this:

@johncasher1 Twitter Birthday

Notice that the Twitter Birthday for this account is today.

The photo? That’s a picture of a 17 year old boy in South Carolina.

@johncasher1 popped up on Twitter after I posed a what I thought was a fair request to militant #wilfare supporter, @Vikeologist:

@edkohler to @vikeologist

In all seriousness, it’s quite possible to be a fan of a sport, of a team, but not of public subsidies of a $1.1 billion stadium.

7 thoughts on “The Latest Vikings Stadium #Wilfare Astroturfer: @johncasher1”

  1. I think that was the same guy who created four or five different accounts to bash Rick at BallparkMagic about a month ago. He was humorously exposed.

  2. So, when the new stadium gets built, you and I can go to a game, Ed, since you’re this loyal fan. Have a fews beers, check it out?

  3. And why is this secret Vikings uber-fan trolling around South Carolina high school science fair websites anyway. Creepy.

  4. Maybe the 17-year-old science fair kid stole John Casher’s photo. It’s a pretty good photo, and Casher is quite prolific on Twitter.

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