IF is a huge word in the Vikings Stadium #Wilfare Debate

The headline to the StarTribune’s polling on Vikings stadium wilfare sentiment really nailed it:

If public helps fund new stadium, gambling is top choice

The key word being “if”.

As the polling clearly stated, the vast majority of Minnesotans do not support public subsidies for a new Vikings stadium. They aren’t opposed to the Vikings. In fact, they like the Vikings a lot, but they like the team more than the welfare demands of Zygi Wilf, who’s seen his franchise’s value increase by $102 million dollars in the short time he’s own it.

The polling doesn’t get into the motivations of those polled, but my guess is that they don’t believe it’s the government’s roll to subsidize a single hand-picked private entertainment business to the expense of greater public needs or other private entertainment businesses that compete for the public’s discretionary income.

This is not a guy who’s hurting for money. Hardcore Vikings fans need to understand that it’s not the legislature’s responsibility to make a multi-millionaire even more profitable at the expense of the rest of the state. Dedicating tens of millions of dollars to making debt payments on $650 million for Zygi Wilf’s benefit would be a horrible public policy decision.

Which is why hardcore fans need to prove that they really believe that Zygi Wilf’s $1.1 billion Zygi World dream is something worth supporting. They should be writing checks today to help pay for Zygi’s 21,000 car parking lot out in Arden Hills. If they aren’t willing to do that, why should the general public?

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