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Jesse Olson real estate agent Snipe

Guess who’s still littering the City of Minneapolis with illegal snipe advertising? Jesse Olson!

You may remember real estate agent Jesse Olson from a May 2010 Faces of Snipe. In fact, Jesse Olson was the very first illegal advertiser highlighted in Faces of Snipe.

Apparently, Jesse didn’t get the message. I talked to Jesse tonight, and he said that he probably shouldn’t be putting up signs around city. “Probably?” I asked. He then admitted that it was wrong. Again.

Since requesting nicely on the phone, and blogging about his behavior have both proven ineffective in getting Jesse Olson to stop littering in the city, I’ll try contacting his associations to see if they are willing to uphold their own standards. For example, section 5a of the Minnesota Real Estate Investors Association’s (MnREIA) Code of Ethics and Standards states:

5. MnREIA members shall not engage in unprofessional conduct, including, but not limited to:

a. a departure from or failure to conform to applicable federal, state or local governmental rules or, if no such rule exists, to the minimal standards of acceptable and prevailing in practice;

Jesse Olson has repeatedly violated that standard. Will the MnREIA take action? We can only hope.

By the way. Jesse Olson is no longer with Bell Home Realty. He’s now with MyHomeBuyers.com. His LinkedIn profile claims that he was with Bell Home Realty through 2009, yet I called Bell Home Realty in May 2010 and talked to a person who confirmed that he worked there at that time.

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  1. @anon, it would be a sad day if MnREIA isn’t willing to live up to their own Code of Ethics and Standards. In fact, it would reflect poorly on the entire organization if they were to let the behavior of a repeated violator of the Code of Ethics and Standards like Jesse Olson taint the reputation of the entire organization. However, maybe your anonymous opinion differs with mine for relatively obvious reasons?

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