Run Minneapolis: Kenny & Lynnhurst Neighborhoods

S Emerson Ave & S Dupont Ave

Carly and I ran the southern sections of Emerson and Dupont Avenues from just north of the Crosstown up to Lake Harriet back on the 15th. This run started at the non-Euclidian corner of Dupont and Emerson to the east of Grass Lake heading north on Dupont.

Homes on Dupont Ave S

Homes on Dupont were well manicured along the southern stretch, and more mansion-like to the north of Minnehaha Creek.

Minnehaha Creek Path

The creek crosses on what would be 52nd Street. The path along the creek was looking great on this fall day.

Minnehaha Creek at Dupont facing downstream

Minnehaha Creek, facing downstream at Dupont. The water was pretty low.

Lake Harriet facing west from 44th St W

We ran up Dupont to 44th St, then cruised down to Lake Harriet for this view across the lake. Linden Hills can be seen in the distance if you squint really hard (or click for a larger version).

4400 Fremont Ave S

We ran a quick stretch of Fremont Ave S, a block off Lake Harriet where we saw a few not-too-shabby homes. This one is on the market for $1,550,000.

The Crash of Flight 307

Back at Minnehaha Creek, we found a recent memorial to Minneapolis’ aviation history. That’s one of at least two planes that have crashed in residential areas of south Minneapolis over the years. This plaque is on W Minnehaha Parkway at Emerson.

Kenny School

Kenny School

Heading down Emerson, we passed Kenny School at 57th. The school is named after Sister Elizabeth Kenny, an Australian nurse who developed the Kenny method of treating poliomyelitis. The school tends to be highly rated and reviewed.

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