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Is Everything Justifiable for Vikings Fans?

The popular Vikings blog, Daily Norseman, linked up my post yesterday about the Vikings becoming the most-arrested team in the NFL. Reading through the comments over there, it’s becoming more and more clear to me that Vikings fans can justify just about anything on behalf of their team.

We already know Vikings fans support using sales taxes to redistribute a penny from a poor immigrant child buying his first candybar to a New Jersey businessman’s dream of building a 21,000 car parking lot in Arden Hills (along with a football stadium).

And now we see that criminal behavior is tolerated, as long as the player is good enough:

I think the problem lies in our draft process….
We often roll the dice on questionable characters (too many to list) and also with free agents, to a lesser extent. We should place a higher value on personal conduct and character than we have been. I think that will help a lot. That said, I think we need to hang on to Cook as our best young corner.

by bender26 on Oct 22, 2011 6:07 PM CDT

We also learn that the Vikings arrests aren’t their fault. It’s society’s fault, the crimes aren’t all that severe, and the numbers are deceiving because Vikings players have managed to get arrested in groups:

First off…
It should be noted that the relatively low crime rate in minnesota compares to other regions means that anyone committing a crime isnis much more likely to be caught than in areas of high crime.

Second, compare the severity of the arrests for Vikings players against the severity of crimes committed by other teams.

Third, remember that the love boat incident involved multiple players and skewed the numbers further.

The numbers are decieving.

by Bjorno on Oct 22, 2011 8:55 PM CDT

I guess a case could be made that Chris Cook only got arrested for felony domestic assault/strangulation and fifth-degree domestic assault because concerned neighbors called the cops at 1:42 am. Darn nosey Minnesota neighbors, and Eden Prairie cops who have nothing better to do than follow up on calls from concerned citizens.

Having multiple Vikings players arrested all at once doesn’t skew the numbers, but it helps explain how they manage to underachieve by so much. That said, look on the bright side: team unity!

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