Growing Coalition of #Vikings Season Ticket Holders Pledge Support for Personal Seat Licenses

Earlier this week, Vikings season ticket holder and Vikings stadium fan advocate, Cory Merrifield, went on record in support of personal seat licenses as an approach to help Zygi Wilf with his private finances:

@edkohler @andrewwagner I would support and pay PSL's along w/ ticket surcharges. Don't presume to know what I would or wouldn't support, ed

That was great news, since it lowers the cost to the public if season ticket holders are willing to spend their own money to support the private business they care so much about.

And, today, that coalition has grown to include Dan Lind:

@edkohler Make that 2. I'm on the record that I'd gladly pay a $10k PSL over 20 yrs to keep #vikings from moving. (cc: @SaveTheVikesOrg)

How cool is that?

It did take a little encouragement to reach this point, as you can probably sense from this tweet from Lind:

@edkohler So now you can stop telling me what I would or would not do to support the #vikings & find someone else to badger.

Can I get a word, Cory?

@DJLindJr @edkohler word

Here we have a coalition of season ticket holders stepping up to support their team in a time of need. These are people who love the Vikings, want their team to stay in MN, would love to watch their team play in a more modern facility, and are willing to spend their own money to make that happen.

This is how it’s supposed to work.

Thanks to Cory and Dan for showing leadership on this issue. I hope you can work to get other season ticket holders to follow your lead on this.

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