Anti Vikings Stadium Legislative Coalitions Are Going Public #Wilfare

It’s not every day that I find myself on the same page as the coalition of Republican legislators. But, it’s not every day that I read a co-signed StarTribune editorial from Republican legislators sticking up for the 99%:

A special session is meant to be called only under extraordinary circumstance.

Does taking money from the wallets of Minnesota’s taxpayers and giving it to billionaire owners and millionaire players truly qualify as extraordinary?

Nowhere in the state Constitution does it say that Minnesotans should be forced to spend money to improve the economic well-being of a private business owner.

One thing that’s interesting about this particular coalition to me is that they are from areas that I would generally consider to be solid Vikings fan bases. While there are plenty of Vikings fans in the more urban areas of Minneapolis and St. Paul, there are also plenty of people who people who could care less about football, from liberal elites who hate sports to recent immigrants who haven’t discovered the game yet, much less developed an irrational need to publicly fund it.

Here is a map of the areas these 16 legislators represent:

The Welfare queen, Zygi Wilf will have his work cut out for attempting to convince this coalition of small government legislators to increase the size of government for the sole purpose of enriching a businessman in New Jersey. Good luck with that.

On the other side of the political spectrum are left leaning legislators who tend opposed gambling as public revenue source. The tend to frown upon exploiting people’s addictions. And that’s even if the money is earmarked to provide apple pies to grandmothers, much less giving it to a multi-millionaire in New Jersey so he can build a 21,000 car parking lot in Arden Hills.

Here is an example of that from a letter I received back from a left leaning legislator I contacted about to voice my opinion in opposition to extracting money from the 99% to further enrich the 1%:

The Arden Hills site makes no sense; it’s too expensive and too far away from our other sports venues. Sprawl is expensive now and in the future. I’m particularly opposed to expanding gambling to pay for a new stadium. Or anything else.

My sense is that the Minnesota Vikings are going to have a hard time getting support from legislators on both ends of the political spectrum. Both oppose redistributing the public’s money to an out of state businessman. Their justifications may differ, but the results are the same: saying no to Wilfare.

One thought on “Anti Vikings Stadium Legislative Coalitions Are Going Public #Wilfare”

  1. I hope so. I was encouraged by the lack of (public) support from the leaders in state leg. It works out well that Dayton is wanting to get a deal done, as it ensures that the republican leaders will oppose his plan by default, before looking into it. If we had a republican governor, this would get shoved through no problem.

    Very much hoping this is DOA, even if Dayton is ok with it.

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