According to Documented Liar, Cory Merrifield, I’m a Coward

Documented liar, Cory Merrifield, went on a bit of a Twitter rampage calling me a coward for, apparently, documenting some of his lies and asking whether we should trust the guy.

Cory Merrifield Calls me a Coward

When it comes to Cory’s coward accusations, he’s not exactly lying, but there is a misunderstanding here that he’s based his assumptions on that are causing him to spread an untruth.

Here’s the deal:

I was at a meeting before heading out to New Brighton, so I arrived late, signed in quickly, and hopped inot the meeting. It turns out that the sign-in sheet I signed wasn’t a general public sign-in sheet, but a sheet to sign up to have a chance to speak. Beyond that, it was the sign-up sheet that only Ramsey County residents were supposed to use, since Ramsey County residents are given first dibs at speaking at Ramsey County meetings. Once they’re done, outsiders such as welfare queen lobbyists like Cory Merrifield get 2 minutes to insult the local community.

If Cory Merrifield had been paying close attention he may have realized this, since my name was called during the Ramsey County resident public hearing portion of the night, then quickly retracted by the moderator when he read the Minneapolis address next to my name.

The moderator did circle back to call my name once the post-Ramsey County attendees were given a chance to speak. But, by that point, there really was nothing left to say beyond what had been said over and over and over again for more than two hours: Ramsey County residents deserve to have their right to vote honored, and only Wilfare queens like Cory Merrifield could possibly disagree with that.

If you don’t think the sentiment of the audience was already clear without 2 minutes of mic time from me, look at the reports from the meeting:

– MPR: Ramsey County taxpayers hammer Vikings stadium deal
– StarTribune: Foes pile on Vikings stadium subsidy
– Pioneer Press: Taxpayers Flood Public Hearing on Vikings Stadium
– Pro Football Talk: Vikings stadium plan facing increased opposition
– CityPages: Angry taxpayers shout “No!” to Vikings stadium money

Cory, if it makes you feel better inside to call me a coward while you’re out begging for $650,000,000 in public subsidies for a 21,000 car parking lot in Arden Hills (along with a replacement stadium) for an NFL team, go for it. But, don’t expect me to forget that you’re a documented liar.

13 thoughts on “According to Documented Liar, Cory Merrifield, I’m a Coward”

  1. The man seems a bit unstable, Ed. Choosing to avoid a fight (verbal or otherwise) with a potentially unstable, highly emotional person isn’t cowardly, it’s smart.

    Anyone with half a brain sees how bad of a deal this is for Ramsey County…the growing opposition proves that out. Wilf thinks we are all a bunch of dumb, purple-draped hicks that can be emotionally manipulated. That’s clearly not true.

    You’ve got the high road here. Stay on it!

  2. I don’t know what Ziggy Wilf thinks, and neither do you, Luke. Ed may be taking the high road, but what does the high road get you? When the team’s gone Ed, and those who thinks like him will be able to take principles and couple bucks down to Dunn Brothers and get a cup of coffee. I don’t think this belongs in the political arena, either. But you don’t let a pro football team go.

  3. Well, I have an idea what he thinks of us…

    He thinks we’ll be dumb enough to write a giant check to help him build a Ziggy World in Arden Hills where every dime of profit generated by the stadium, his parking lot, his retail outlets, and whatever else he decides to put there serves to enrich him and further his private interests.

    Just like Disney World, except with football too! Parking only $40 on game days! And why not stay in my hotel for a night or two?

    If doing what’s right for the taxpayers of Ramsey County meaans letting go, then I say let go. If the Vikings came forward with a plan leveraging existing space, facilities, physical infrastructure, etc that would actually benefit a community then maybe I could get behind it. Target Field seems like a decent model for that kind of stadium. The palace he wants in Arden Hills, though, is a bridge too far

  4. @Rat, I think your last sentence is where we differ. Perhaps you could elaborate on that. As I look at the current debate, it seems like the Wilfare queens would expand upon that sentence with “But you don’t let a pro football team go AT ANY COST.” Where I tend to think that there is a cost at which you simply have to say goodbye, since the franchise is asking more from the public than they give back. Do you have a number in mind that you consider to be the break-even on what’s an acceptable amount of welfare to provide an NFL team over actual public needs?

  5. @Rat, if we had one more dollar of public funds available to spend, I seriously doubt that a replacement NFL stadium would be the top priority. Perhaps reinstating some of the cuts to K12 education, higher education, or health care that were made this past summer would be a better fit? Or, toward one of the many bridges MNDOT doesn’t have the money to repair today?

    Or, do you honestly believe that the state is flush, MN State taxpayers are flush enough to take on $300 million in debt, and that Ramsey County taxpayers are flush enough to absorb another $350 in debt for Zygi Wilfare?

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