A Typical News Comments Exchange with a #Vikings Stadium Welfare Supporter

I say something like this:

If a stadium is what Wilf needs to be make his business more profitable, perhaps that is where he should be investing his own money?

Which earns a reply like this:

Perhaps you should have read the part where he will kick in 407+ million, plus 20 million per year. Cities benefit a ton from a sports franchise, they SHOULD invest in keeping them.

Which leads to a reply from me like this:

If it made financial sense to give Zygi Wilf $600,000,000, why would any politician NOT support doing so? $20 million per year sounds like a lot of money, until you realize that Zygi is asking the public for $28 million per year for nearly three decades.

Clearly, the numbers don’t make sense, so the debate comes down to how much of a stupid decision is the public wiling to tolerate. If I’m wrong in suggesting that the numbers don’t make financial sense, prove it. If you can prove it, you’ll be able to win over every politician in a second.

Which leads to, well, crickets.

I’m not sure why that’s such hard concept to understand. While our legislators have their weaknesses, they’re generally pretty good at counting votes and counting money. If the money added up, so would the votes.

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