Sheri Delich Added to White Collar Crime Map

I’ve been slacking on updating the White Collar Crime Map I launched last August. Today, I added Sheri Delich after she pled guilty to wire fraud and money laundering tied to the Cloud 9 Skyflats travesty in Minnetonka. That’s the third addition for Apple Valley, which was also home to Trevor Cook ($190 million in currency fraud) and Connie Hanson (Embezzled $1 million in Veterans Funds). On a per capita basis, I think that puts Apple Valley in the lead on a per capita basis.

In Jennifer Bjorhus’ report at the StarTribune, Bjorhus reports that Delich’s lawyer is going to fight for lenience in the sentencing by arguing that Delich was a “minor player”.

That doesn’t seem to correlate with the facts, as I understand them.

Delich was the mortgage broker, which means she was the one who controlled the money. She was the one would could have said no. Or, as Delich’s lawyer concedes, “[Delich] said she did what Trooien told her to do” which means that, rather than doing her job, she committed wire fraud and money laundering.

4 thoughts on “Sheri Delich Added to White Collar Crime Map”

  1. Apple Valley is really getting sketchy these days. White Collar crime, bordello’s in neighborhoods.. Scary stuff.

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