Machu Picchu Bathroom Lessons Learned

Over the eight hours I spent at Machu Picchu today, I learned a few things about going to the bathroom:

– The only bathrooms are outside the ruins, so you may be a LONG way from the nearest bathroom at times. Like, more than a mile if you hike up the Inca trail to the Sun Gate.

– Bathroom visit costs vary from 33 cents (1 Peruvian Sole for public restroom) to $33 (with lunch buffet) to $900/night (Sanctuary Hotel)

– If you take the public route, you have to decide how much TP you’re going to need before heading in. The cashier controls the rolls.

– If you’d like it folded, you’ll have to fold the TP yourself.

– You get a receipt! To clarify, this is a receipt for your payment; not a receipt for your deposit.

One thought on “Machu Picchu Bathroom Lessons Learned”

  1. You mean the receipt is not to make sure that you’ve deposited enough to make sure that you’re not taking too much of the country with you?

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