Denver’s B-Cycle vs Minneapolis’ NiceRide

I’ve been riding around downtown Denver on their Bcycle bike system bikes.
Based on my experience with NiceRide, here are my first impression

1. The pricing is similar, with a flat fee for 24 hour access, with extra
charges for keeping a bike out for longer for than 30 minutes. But, it costs
$6 rather than $5 for 24 hour access.

2. The bike baskets are far superior to the ones NiceRide uses.

3. Narrower wheels. They are a bit faster, but the NiceRide bikes roll over

4. Bike selection. Strangely, the Bcycle system asks you to select which
bike stall you’d like to check out from the kiosk screen. I like NiceRide’s
system, where you get a code that can then unlock a bike at the stall of
your choice. Although. I could get in the habit of specing out a bike before

Overall, I’m very pleased with Denver’s system. It’s making my night more

Also, there is an app on Android called CityBikes that shows the status of
bike rental locations for 30 cities, including NiceRide. Geolocation.
Current inventory. Very cool.

Update: They close the kiosks at 11pm? I had to walk home! It’s not exactly 24 hour access if you can’t use the bikes from 11pm to 5am. Also, the CityBikes app didn’t pick up on this critical fact.

2 thoughts on “Denver’s B-Cycle vs Minneapolis’ NiceRide”

  1. I’ll have to give SpotCycle a try. They don’t have as many cities in their network, so one factor may be how you plan to use it. In Minneapolis, it looks like we have at least three options for apps to track NiceRide bikes: the NiceRide app, CityBikes, or SpotCycle.

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