A Few Thursday Thoughts

Why do we see lists of best schools and worst schools rather than best teachers? Sure, there may be some correlation, but I have a hunch that students would generally do better if they had the best teacher in an underperforming school than the worst teacher in a high performance school.

Does the environmental impact of using water vary by height? For example, if I have two identical toilets on two different floors of my home, is it more efficient to use one on the first rather than second floor?

What percentage of corruption is due to people thinking that everyone is corrupt, so they’re just playing the same game everyone else is playing?

St. Paul is a pretty cool place. I hit a speech by Chris Hedges at Macalester last night, followed by some beers & nachos at CityPages 2X Best of winner the Muddy Pig (Best Neighborhood Bar & Best Beer Selection). It’s a nice place to visit, but I don’t think I could live in a city with such a nonsensical trash hauling policy.

2 thoughts on “A Few Thursday Thoughts”

  1. RE: water usage. It depends on the distribution system. If your city uses gravity (i.e. water is distributed from a water tower), then no, it doesn’t matter so long as the toilet is lower than the tower. If the City uses pumps to supply water pressure, then, uh… i dunno. Yes I think. I was never very good at fluid mechanics (which is why I design roads instead of pipes…)

  2. @Reuben, I wondered about the water tower scene. It makes sense that gravity does the work from the towers, but how does the water end up in the towers? And, in Minneapolis do we rely upon towers? I don’t see many around town.

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