Jordan Hawkman Deletes Rambling Paul Koenig Denial Post

Back on March 8th, I wrote a post stating that I believe I had seen notorious Minneapolis slumlord, Paul Koenig of PAMIKO Properties, at the Johnny Northside Trial.

Julie commented here that she also saw him there. Apparently, he kind of creeped her out, which left an impression.

OMG, that guy was giving me the stink-eye in the hallway before the opening statements! I had no idea who he was, or why he transfixed by my camera. I guess he was scared of someone documenting his presence and ruining his cover. I should’ve taken his picture but he totally creeped me out!

I then wrote a post outlining 46 reasons why Paul Koenig may be the blogger behind the Jordan Hawkman blog (a blog that harasses community activists with an emphasis in housing in North Minneapolis).

Which triggered one of the most rambling denials I’ve ever seen written. An 1,884 word blog post appeared on the Jordan Hawkman blog that was a supposed interview with Paul Koenig. As the twisted story goes, the Jordan Hawkman blog claims to have gotten in touch with Paul Koenig and interviewed him (while curiously flipping between first and third person accounts) about the accusation that he’s behind the Jordan Hawkman. That post included some real gems, like this:

We decided to contact him today to advise him of The Deets article stating that he was The Jordan Hawkman.

Koening’s reply (which he did give us permission to print) was: “Who thinks I am what?” We reiterated the comment and he said he had not had a chance to read it and was not even aware of who this person was. He said he does not get caught up in that stuff as it does not really matter.

A commenter on The Deets named M. Clinton got a kick out of the Koenig “interview”:

OMG! Did you see the Jordan Hawkman’s “response?” Totally busted. Talk about “He who protesteth too much!” LOL! You don’t even need to read the whole thing. Just look at the length of it – how the rationalization goes on and on and on and on . . . Yup, the online equivalent of Paul Koening getting his pants pulled down just happened today! HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

Here is another excerpt from the Koenig denial interview:

JHG asked : “Has Jeff Skrenes ever contacted you?”

Response: No, I never even heard of the guy all of the years I owned properties.

That’s a shocking statement, considering that Jeff Skrenes has written dozens of blog posts reporting on Paul Koenig’s crumbling slumlord empire, Koenig’s legal issues with a bank he borrowed millions of dollars from, and Skrenes was quoted in the StarTribune’s recent article about the destructive impact Koenig’s slumlord empire has had on the City of Minneapolis:

City inspectors recently found problems with all of Pamiko’s 14 remaining holdings. Seven houses are vacant or condemned, the others have delinquent property taxes or unpaid citations, according to city records. Earlier this month, the city moved to revoke Pamiko’s rental licenses for seven properties. Koenig appealed, saying he no longer owns them.

The crackdown happened only after some Pamiko houses deteriorated and were left vacant, boarded up or condemned, said Jeff Skrenes, housing director for the Hawthorne Neighborhood Council. “Property ownership is a right, but renting is a privilege,” Skrenes said. “You should be required to show that you deserve that [privilege].”

Apparently, Paul Koenig also didn’t read the CityPages’ excellent cover story by Andy Mannix from February 2010 about Paul Koenig’s PAMIKO Properties, LLC where Skrenes is credited with breaking the story about Koenig’s crumbling slumlord empire:

So Skrenes did some digging. The more he looked at it, the stranger it appeared.

“This is like the Alice in Wonderland of mortgage,” says Skrenes. “This gets so convoluted …and I get this shit!”

Skrenes discovered that a company called Pamiko Property LLC had taken out at least three multimillion-dollar lines of credit from Minnwest Bank. Owned by a married couple named Paul and Michelle Koenig, Pamiko put up scores of largely north Minneapolis properties on each loan as collateral. Then Pamiko began losing some of the properties to banks—a combined total of more than 40 properties.

That article also included a map of Paul Koenig’s PAMIKO slumlord empire.

Strange, isn’t it? Do you believe that Paul Koenig doesn’t read the press he receives? Are we really supposed to believe that Koenig wouldn’t remember the name Jeff Skrenes, who’s latched onto the PAMIKO mess more ferociously than a pit bull?

As I mentioned in the title, there is yet another twist in this convoluted story of anonymity and denial: The Jordan Hawkman has now deleted their “interview” with Paul Koenig.

Paul Koenig Interview Deleted from Jordan Hawkman Group Blog
Jordan Hawkman’s Deleted “Interview” with Paul Koenig

As I see it, while what someone writes can be interesting, what someone deletes often says even more about them. Why would the Jordan Hawkman delete their exclusive interview with the man behind one of Minneapolis’ largest slumlord empires?

I’d hate for you to miss out on a chance to read this amazing “interview” with Paul Koenig in its entirety so here is a link to a PDF of it I snagged from Google’s cache.

10 thoughts on “Jordan Hawkman Deletes Rambling Paul Koenig Denial Post”

  1. I know of an email document generated more than a year ago when the Paul Koenig story first began to break. It was Koenig stating his side of things to somebody he considered somewhat of a neutral party, and how he (Koenig) is not guilty and it’s pretty much all the fault of his lenders.

    That document, too, was a rambling manifesto that went on and on.

    I hope you have gone into the Google cache and tried to get your hands on the interview to preserve this document as evidence of…whatever.

  2. My bad…I was firing off a reply before I read all the way to your last sentence at the bottom…

    Good job preserving the document.

  3. From what I hear, Paul and Michelle Koenig do a whole lot of lying. In big ways. It will be real interesting to see what comes out of all their real estate and “rehab” business dealings.

    I remember reading their family blog “Majestic Farms”, there was an awful lot of references to their strong Christian values. I guess lying is okay with Jesus?

  4. (Talladega Night–Ricky Bobby imitiation)

    Dear six pound, nine-ounce baby Jesus with a golden gilded diaper…we thank thee for our many low end rental properties, which notwithstanding these thanks are solely owned by a corporate entity, and not by ourselves individually…

  5. before the whole jhg story unravels entirely, i think we need to have a chance to register our official “guesses” (baby jaysus doesn’t like gambling!!) regarding the composition of the hideous freak known as jhg.

    btw, i sure hope this koenig fellow hasn’t gotten himself mixed up with the kind of friends who will flip on him as soon as he thinks he can get a better deal. that would be sooooo sad! 🙁

  6. For the record, if Don Allen is capable of selling out the hideous freak known as JHG, I have a handful of change–including a number of quarters mixed in there–that I’d be willing to give Don Allen.

  7. I’ve got a couple of dollar coins with Sacagawea on one side that I received as change from the LRT ticket machine, I’ll throw those in, too.

  8. All sorts of weird things are happening over on those anti-NoMi sites. I usually check the Area Hawkman site to see if there are new posts from places like JHG or affiliated places. Now the blog roll there lists a post from about a week ago titled “coward” as the latest JHG entry. But the post about that blog moving to the “big leagues” at the Mpls Mirror is more recent than that.

    Also of note: the Anti-Johnny has removed JHG (last I checked anyway) from his list of support blogs.

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