People Who Don’t Like Johnny Northside

An expert from recent comment on the TC Daily Planet offers some insight into what types of people don’t like John Hoff (aka Johnny Northside). This comment appears to be written by someone who really doesn’t like John. They took the time to create a round-up of the types of people who Hoff has managed to piss off during the time he’s spent living and blogging in North Minneapolis:

The door has been opened for anyone who has any type of contract, license, or agreement that has been interfered with by Hoff, to sue him. That includes the landlords who he encourages his reader to call in complaints against, those he refers to as “slumlords“; businessmen such as Don Allen, who Hoff has written defamatory comments about in regards to a contract he has with the Minneapolis Public Schools; Anyone who has lost a job due to Hoff’s blogging; Ex-offenders who may have had to move due to Hoff’s encouragement of his readers to harass them; And even a sex offender who was arrested in response to Hoff’s frivolous complaints.

If those are Johnny Northside’s enemies, he must be doing something right.

2 thoughts on “People Who Don’t Like Johnny Northside”

  1. As the Apostle Paul said:

    Let the accusations against me be written up in a book, and I shall wear it as a crown upon my head.

  2. You cannot totally like a person who corrects other peoples’ grammar.

    … grammar used by others.

    … others’ grammatical usage.

    … posts comments correcting other people’s grammar.

    JH – Help. Is there a preferred form or usage there?

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