Run Minneapolis: Sheridan and Logan Neighborhoods

13th & Main St NE

Carly and I got in a run in Northeast Minneapolis as the snow started to fall on Sunday.

Minneapolis Fire Station 2

Fire Station #2 was our starting point in the Sheridan Neighborhood (Here’s a link to a recent interview with Sheridan Neighborhood resident, James Lyndsay) I think it’s safe to assume that that is not the original building.

Grain Belt Brewery

We started by heading south on Main, which gave us a snowy view of the closest thing Minneapolis has to Strange Brew architecture: the old Grain Belt Brewery.

331 Club and Modern Cafe

We took 12th Ave NE west to University then 13th Ave NE past the 331 Club and the Modern Cafe.

Ritz Theater

Followed by the Ritz Theater.

Rogue Buddha Gallery and Northeast Social Club

And the Rogue Buddha Gallery and Northeast Social Club. 13th Ave NE has a lot going on these days.

Abbey Way Covenant Church

Heading into the Logan Neighborhood, we passed the Abbey Way Covenant Church.

Northeast Community Lutheran Church

Which shares a block with the Northeast Community Lutheran Church.

Logan Park

Logan Park’s playground was empty at the time.

Uncle Franky's

I was tempted to stop into Uncle Franky’s for a hot dog but kept going, this time.

General Mills and Northeast Minneapolis Arts District

Heading north on Jackson St, we passed a General Mill’s facility and one of many Northeast Minneapolis Arts District signs.

Eide Saw

Crossing Central Ave on 13th, we passed Eide Saw.

Crown Center Building #5

Then found Crown Center Building #5 on Tyler St.

Sprinkler Fitter Local #417

Heading west on 14th Ave NE at Central Ave NE (NE as a lot of intersections where two avenues with the same directional cross. Very non-Euclidian of them) we passed Sprinkler Fitters Local #417.

Laborers Local 563

Followed by Laborers Local 563. Artists and union members working side by side.

Van Buren Building

The Van Buren Building, at 14th & Van Buren, is one of many art spaces in the neighborhood.

Tracks Behind Northrup King Building

These are the tracks that run to the General Mills facility. That’s the Northrup King Building on the right. A huge artist’s quarter.

Logan Park Neighborhood Sign

The Logan Park Neighborhood Sign is less than welcoming.

"The Church" at Northeast Christian Center

Is “The Church” at Northeast Christian Center a church? I’m not sure what those quotes are telling me.

Fraser Academy

Fraser Academy charter school has taken over this closed Minneapolis public school on 15th Ave NE at 6th.

Knight Cap Bar

The Knight Cap is the 2nd best bar at 15th Ave NE & 4th.


. The Mayslack’s “Original” is one of Minneapolis’ true local dining experiences.

I used to live here

I used to live 2 doors down from Mayslack’s, which allowed me to consume plenty of Originals.

18th Ave NE Bike Trail

Continuing west on 15th, we saw a sign for the new 18th Ave NE Bikeway.

1400 Marshall Ave NE

Down by the river, we passed the HQ of Sterilucent and Phygen. Sterilucent is making sterilization products for the military.

Dusty's Bar

Crossing Marshall on 14th, we got a glimpse of Dusty’s Bar. Home of the Dago, another item to check off your Minneapolis cuisine checklist. Hitting it will Paul Merrill or The Opie for bonus NE cred.

PNA Hall

14th ends at 4th, which took us past the PNA Hall (Polish National Alliance) as we circled back on 13th.

APWU Minneapolis MN Area Local American Postal Workers Union

Back on 13th, we passed the APWU Minneapolis MN Area Local American Postal Workers Union.

Sheridan Women's & Children's Clinic

Followed by the Sheridan Women’s & Children’s Clinic.

The Anchor Fish & Chips

The Anchor Fish & Chips makes some solid fish & chips, but I think their shepherd’s pie is the best item on their menu.

New City School

New City School is a K-8 charter school.

For Crepes Sake - Two 12 Pottery

Two 12 Pottery specializes in custom stoneware pottery.

Behind Bars Bike Shop and Art of Chiropractic

The inspiration for this particular run was to pick up my bike from Behind Bars Bike Shop (Always closed on Mondays. Dogs alwaya welcome.), which is tucked back on the left. Great bike shop.

St Cyril's Church

St Cyril and Methodius Church at 13th Ave NE and 2nd St. The U of MN has early church records from St. Cyrils on microfiche, in Slovak.

Shuga Records

Shuga Records is one of the largest record shops in the country, with over 400,000 records.

Fried Bologna Vintage

Fried Bologna Vintage offers “vintage clothing for the whole family, retro goods and all sorts of shenanigans.”

Broadway Bridge

13th Ave NE turns into Water Street when it ends at the Mississippi River just north of the Broadway Avenue Bridge.


Graco, from underneath the Broadway Bridge. Worldwide leaders in fluid handling, that Graco. I may need to pick up one of their paint sprayers this year.

SIP Coffee Bar

The old Grain Belt Keg House is now home to SIP Coffee Bar.

Bottling House

And, across the street is the old Bottling House, which is now home to a variety of artists and businesses, thanks to Artspace, who gave the 67,000 building from 1906 a new life. There was a casting call taking place as we ran by.

4 thoughts on “Run Minneapolis: Sheridan and Logan Neighborhoods”

  1. Great idea to document routes. Both sets.

    I think things like that should be archived by the city. Someplace. Budget cash is not plentiful, but thirty years from now, it’s history. Digital storage is cheap these days.

    I can go for ten mile walks in Ramsey, Anoka County, and not see a shop or restaurant.

    Neighborhoods differ. Good work. Think doing it on a seasonal basis. Perhaps you have done so. I’ve not done archive search on the Deets.

  2. @eric z, these are part of a project I’m doing to run every street in Minneapolis. For the posts to date, search for “run minneapolis”. People do seem to find the photos useful. The originals are hosted on Flickr, and can be found by clicking the photos that appear on The Deets. They’re also in a photo pool over there called Run Minneapolis.

  3. Ed, do you know if anyone is doing a similar thing regarding biking? I’m not much of a runner but I do love to explore Minneapolis via bike. I also think that NoMi misses out on biking amenities (until recently, with new Nice Ride stations) and would like to draw attention to the good and the bad regarding NoMi biking.

    But I don’t want to do an undertaking like that and then find out that someone else already did it.

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