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Five 5-Star Movies #3

Here are five more movies that I’ve rated 5-Stars on Netflix:

  1. Run for Your Life – The history of the founding of the New York City Marathon and the charismatic founder, Fred Lebow. It’s truly amazing to think about how difficult it must have been to start such a major event in a city of that size at that time.
  2. No Impact Man – A family attempts to become greener and greener over a year to the point of generating no trash. While that project is a bit extreme, anyone could come away with ideas on how they could live more efficient lives.
  3. The Garden – A documentary following the evolution of an inner city public garden in South Central Los Angeles, and the battle to keep it running.
  4. EcoTrip: Season 1, Cotton T-Shirt Episode – The concept of an organic t-shirt didn’t make a lot of sense to me before I watched this. I’m not eating it, so what’s the big deal? It turns out that cotton is among the most chemically treated crops in the world, so the crop shortens the lives of farmers and poisons our waters.
  5. Frontline: The Warning – A look back at the people who were instrumental in creating the environment for the economic crash we experienced in the 2000’s, and what they did to try to get us out of it. Many of the same people (and companies like Goldman Sachs) are still running things today.

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