Don’t Question Andy Post’s Absolute Statements

Andy Post led into a story about a plan to bring broadband internet connections to rural communities in Northern Minnesota with the following comment:

Andy Post's Absolute Statement

Pretty bold, eh? One might respond with something like “It’s 2011 and private industry still hasn’t gotten the job done and has no plan to, which is why the government is stepping in to upgrade the bandwidth of an under-served community.” Or, one could play a record scratch . . .

. . . then ask about that absolute statement Andy Post made. I did the latter:

Don't Question Andy Post's Absolute Statements

As you can probably image, that comment was deleted from Minnesota Democrats Exposed. How dare I question such ridiculousness!?!??!?

2 thoughts on “Don’t Question Andy Post’s Absolute Statements”

  1. haha! however, to be fair, this example also shows that the public sector sometimes produces, um, mixed results 🙁

  2. @veg*nation, I absolutely agree that public and private sector results are inconsistent. A critique of absolute statements is not necessarily a defense of the absolute statement’s targets.

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