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Defending Tony Sutton’s Wikipedia Page

Someone who appears to be to the left, politically, of Tony Sutton, and a Comcast internet user, has been vandalizing Tony Sutton’s Wikipedia Page. The text in red below are the work of a rogue Wikipedia editor publishing from the IP address

Vandalizing Tony Sutton's Wikipedia Page

Vandalizing Tony Sutton's Wikipedia Page

Vandalizing Tony Sutton's Wikipedia Page

Looking at the history of contributions from that IP address, most have happened in the past day. But, there was one from 2005 where the contributor mentioned her name:

Is Marlene the Vandal?

Is someone named Marlene the vandal? Perhaps. Although there could be more than one person using that IP address. Especially over that length of time.

Assuming that it is someone named Marlene: Marlene, while you clearly have no respect for Tony Sutton, try showing more respect for Wikipedia by adding value to the site. Also, show more respect for your own time. Your edits can be undone in seconds. In fact, one of your three acts of vandalism was undone within the same minute by a Wikipedia robot. The other two were undone by me.

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