Vandalism on Tony Sutton’s Wikipedia Page

As I mentioned on the 19th, editing the Wikipedia page of someone you dislike can be difficult, since it’s tough to maintain a neutral point of view on such subjects.

Yesterday, someone stepped up to the challenge by adding some background on Tony Sutton’s business practices. Based on their IP address, they appear to be in Ohio – a state where Tony Sutton’s Baja Sol restaurant chain used to have franchises:

Tony Sutton's Roll with Baja Sol Restaurants in Ohio

In case that image is hard to read, here is the text added by the anonymous Ohioan:

Sutton left many small business holding the bag when he stopped payment for contract services. Three closed shop due to his “Winning Strategy”, which if you can not dazzle with intelligence- Blind them with bull!” His PR firm better start cranking up more untruths for the public.

That contribution was not up to Wikipedia’s standards. The user didn’t cite sources, use a neutral point of view on the subject he/she is clearly passionate about, yadda yadda.

Don’t worry. It didn’t last for long. An experienced editor named SWMNPoliSciProject noticed the edit and reverted the page to its previous version while labeling the edit as vandalism. Then SWMNPoliSciProject went on to clean up the grammar in the contributions I made. Slowly but surely, a combination of Wikipedia editors are building out the content on Tony Sutton’s page.

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