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The Minnesota GOP has launched a website called where, according to their hyperventilating press release, they plan to “Highlight Klobuchar’s Real Record”.

Quick question here: Why not just point people to Amy Klobuchar’s Wikipedia page? There is simply no way a site like the one the MN GOP created will ever rank competitively for Sen. Klobuchar’s name.

Instead of wasting Minnesota Republican donors’ money on domain names and hosting, they could make sure that Sen. Klobuchar’s Wikipedia page has a complete and accurate history of her political record . . . for free.

It’s almost as if they MN GOP isn’t really interested in getting at the facts. If they were, taking advantage of the power of Wikipedia’s platform and audience would be an excellent tactic for spreading the truth about our great Senator.

Instead, they seem to be confusing talking points with facts. Considering that Michael Brodkorb and Tony Sutton were the people behind this project, that’s not that surprising.

While talking points do often contain a nugget of factual information, they’re not exactly the same thing as facts.

I see that the domain name is still available. Maybe that would be a better choice for Sutton and Brodkorb’s new website?

2 thoughts on “The @MNGOP Strategery”

  1. Erik, it would be wrong to assume that my silence is an endorsement. Frankly, I hadn’t heard of that site until now. Tony Sutton and Michael Brodkorb haven’t cornered the market on creating worthless micro-sites.

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