MLK Day on Minnesota Democrats Exposed

I saw this earlier today on Minnesota Democrats Exposed and figured I’d give Andy Post and Ryan Lyk 12 hours or so to clean up this offensive MLK Day comment that was posted to their site. They have not:

Racist MLK Day Comment on Minnesota Democrats Exposed

On The Deets, this comment wouldn’t fly because it’s racist, offensive, and off-topic (it appeared on the post where Ryan Lyk had posted a stolen photo from the Duluth News Tribune). It’s also not the sort of thing I’d expect to hear out of a regular Deets commenter.

Andy Post and Ryan Lyk are free to create whatever type of community they’d like over at MDE. I’m no Michael Brodkorb, but seems like they’d benefit more, politically, by creating a respectable community that would be respected by respectable people rather than providing an outlet for racist commenters. This isn’t Alabama Arizona.

If hosting racist comments is their thing, their actions speak for themselves.

4 thoughts on “MLK Day on Minnesota Democrats Exposed”

  1. I wouldn’t go so far as to brand this comment as racist. There’s just not enough to go that far. It’s insensitive. I don’t agree with it. But there are a lot of federal holidays that most of us don’t observe that a lot of people would call a “fake holiday that should not even be a holiday.” Veterans Day, Presidents Day, Flag Day, and others come to mind. Because MLK Day isn’t really observed by anyone the way Memorial and Labor Day are, I think it gets lumped in with the Presidents Day bunch more than it should.

    I know, I shouldn’t be so forgiving of the MDE crowd, but I think fair is fair.

  2. @Joey, interesting point. I remember the first MLK Day 25 years ago. I was in 6th grade at JJ Hill elementary at the time. It seems like a holiday that provides a level of remembrance that’s gone missing from some earlier holidays. I associate comments like the one from MDE with racism based on the history of the holiday I’ve observed, going back to its opposition by Southern GOP racists like Jesse Helms. 18 of the 22 senators who opposed the holiday were Republicans. This article notes that Helms may have rejuvenated his support among white racists with his stance against the holiday.

    Racists rarely say blatantly racist things. They’re not total idiots. It’s the same reason they call Obama a Muslim rather than what they really want to call him. As I see it, that inaccurate description has become a stand-in for the N-word.

  3. “Because MLK Day isn’t really observed by anyone the way Memorial and Labor Day”

    Well, there aren’t a lot of barbeques out at the lake, because MLK Day occurs in JANUARY, but in all the important respects it seems to me that it is observed exactly the same way: with national and community events, private acts of remembrance, appropriately themed movies on t.v., and coverage on the media.

    If “resistance” to MLK Day wasn’t racist, then I would expect to see a lot of moaning and complaining about President’s Day . . . which I never hear.

    In my opinion, the whining and complaining about MLK Day comes from exactly the same place as worship of the Confederate flag, and in states like Arizona which never had the Confederate flag as their state flag, serves as a kind of substitute. For instance, my reading of McCain’s adoption of an anti-MLK Day stance is that it was intended as a cue to the racist voting base that he “got” them. As Ed pointed out, these kinds of cues need to be deniable (“I hate MLK Day because it’s destroying the economy–it has nothing to do with race–honest!”), but that doesn’t mean that the rhetoric isn’t interpreted exactly as intended by those for whom the message is intended.

    I understand that Joey isn’t advocating the MDE position, just trying to avoid piling on unfairly. My feeling, though, is that just because much of what is important in political discourse is spoken in veiled, deniable ways doesn’t mean that it can’t be understood, explicated, and called out.

  4. MLK Day is a real holiday, just like Jefferson Davis’ birthday would be if the Minnesota Republican Party had its way.

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