877-824-0973 = Jerk

Yesterday, I was robocalled about an amazing financial offer that I would be eligible for if I left my name and number. That’s pretty hard to resist, so I did.

The callback I received today was from 877-824-0973. I asked the sales person to explain to me how I ended up on his robocall list. He refused. Instead, he said it could be from one of thousands of sources. I understand that, but clearly his company is acquiring numbers from somewhere.

He did offer to remove me from his list, but that doesn’t solve the larger problem of getting removed from the robocalling database vendor he used.

Sometimes it’s fun to try to solve an ongoing issue rather than tolerate stuff like this. Unfortunately, this jerk had no interest in making the world a slightly better place for me.

It’s interesting to note that neither the number posted above, or the number he used for robocalling ( 404-335-7161 ) have a decent business reputation. In fact, no company websites appear in Google when searching for either phone number with should be a HUGE WARNING FLAG for anyone considering doing business with this company.

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