Marley Danner Added to White Collar Crime Map

I’ve added Marlon Danner of 8314 Delaney Circle, Inver Grove Heights, MN to the White Collar Crime Map for Minnesota that I’ve been maintaining.

I found this comment on Pioneer Press’ piece about the FBI’s charges against Danner by someone posting under the name “Rice St” particularly interesting:

Danner is a Good old Boy, Started out with a Dump truck and worked like a Dog to get his Class Act Company built to what it is today.

I have nothing but RESPECT for this Man and anyone else that has a drive to achieve what he did on his own with ‘No Government hand outs’, Just Sweat, Blood and a swamp.

Danner employes a lot of people, and a lot of these people have families to feed and Danner cares about everyone of them..

That’s a strange take on Marley Danner, in light of the FBI’s case outlining he was working on a government contracts, pocketing money from the projects that was – contractually – meant for his workers, called out on pocketing money that was not meant for him, then defrauding workers out of settlement money. From the FBI’s press release:

Authorities subsequently investigated Danner’s compliance with the truck rental rate and determined he had underpaid the drivers. In February of 2010, MnDOT reached a settlement with Danner regarding the underpayment. As part of that settlement, Danner agreed to pay more than $185,000 to approximately 27 truck drivers and arranged for checks to be provided to MnDOT for distribution to those drivers. MnDOT mailed the checks out on March 2, 2010.

On February 27, 2010, however, Danner allegedly telephoned many of the drivers, instructing them to return the settlement funds to him. He purportedly told the drivers MnDOT had made a mistake in concluding they were underpaid. Thus, the funds they were about to receive were not theirs to keep.

It sounds like he was caught stealing money owed to his employees . . . twice. The same money . . . twice. Strange.

Danner has previously run unsuccessfully for State Representative Seat 39B as a Republican, picking up 30.66% of the votes in 2002.

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  1. Rice St’s remarks are right on if the reporters would do there work they’d find out that the Driver were ITO’s not Danner Inc employees!

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