Kia Forte for the Win

A seat belt and airbag saved my life today.

This is what’s left of the Kia Forte after the accident I was in this past Monday in Santa Monica, California. The car is clearly totaled, but I’m not. Damaged, yes, but in ways that should fully heal.

This was the first time I’d driven a Kia Forte. Overall, I was pretty happy with the car. It was comfortable, the cruise control was easily accessible and intuitive. And the car had a USB charger, so I could top off my phone without whipping out my power inverter. That may not be what you look for in a car, but those features are high on my list. I wish I could remember what I drove the week before in Virginia Beach, VA. That car’s only cup holders were in the door panels, and slanted. Seriously unusable. A deal breaker for me.

It turns out that the Kia Forte has a solid safety record:

Kia Forte Awards

I think the model I was driving was the EX Automatic base model, which appears to retail for $16,190 after rebates these days.

I don’t think the Kia Forte is the only car that could have kept me alive and walking after a crash like that, but I’m very pleased with the job this car did in this circumstance.

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  1. I’m still pretty certain that you lost control of your car after receiving a sext from Brett Favre. Reports are inconclusive though.

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