Luke Hellier Blows Hard on FOX 9

Luke Hellier from Minnesota Democrats Exposed was on FOX 9 on Thursday night talking about how much of a blowhard he’s become. Keep in mind that the video embedded below was published to YouTube on the MDE account, which suggests that Luke actually thinks that he came off well in this clip:

Does he not realize that he looked like a desperate, innuendo peddling fool?

After Luke was given a chance to ramble on, he was challenged to support the crap he was spewing:

FOX9 Reporter: “Luke, let me stop you right there. An investigation by whom?”

Hellier: “Um, uh, I’m not, um, I’m not entirely sure if it’s a media outlet or, um, some other entity.”

FOX9 Reporter: “Well, so, it could just be Republicans, right? Fishing around.”

Hellier: “Uh, it could be.”

I’m not sure why FOX 9 bothered to bring Luke into the studio to prove, on air, that the guy has nothing worth talking about. I suppose being the conduit for all of the negative stuff the the MN GOP has to say about Democrats in Minnesota these days makes Luke fun to make fun of.

Luke, here’s an idea: If you’re tapped out on negativity this election cycle, maybe you could try to say positive things about the candidates of the party you’ve defined yourself by? Would you have better luck explaining why anyone should bother voting for the guy the MN GOP nominated than you’re having with your attempts to get people to not vote for his opponents through innuendo?

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  1. In no way is my above comment meant to imply that Luke Hellier has a fraction of the entertainment talent of John Hodgman.

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