Graham Lampa shot a quick video this morning showing how to check out a NiceRice bike. It took him just over 2 minutes to pay and check out a bike while holding his iPhone.

As Graham mentions in the video, he was planning to ride from near Lund’s in Northeast to Al’s Breakfast in Dinkytown. That’s a couple miles. When he gets to Dinkytown, he can check in the bike on 4th near Burrito Loco and walk the last block to Al’s. Since he’ll have the bike back in a kiosk in under 30 minutes, he won’t have any additional trip charges. In fact, he could bounce around town all day like that for his $5 (plus tax).

If you make longer trips between stops, you may rack up some additional charges. That’s explained here.

Niceride 65

I took on the Niceride 65 Challenge last Sunday. The challenge is to visit all 65 Nice Ride locations within 24 hours. Done. However, I had a glitch. When I got home I checked my results on the Nice Ride website where subscribers can see a log of all their trips.

Unfortunately, I missed one downtown, so I swung back to downtown later in the day to pick that up. Total time: 8 hours, 8 minutes. That’s a pretty soft time, considering that I hit the first 64 kiosks in 2:35. Sub-2:30 is very doable. Heck, I could do it.