White Collar Crime Map for Minnesota

Ever seen a white collar crime map? No? Me neither.

As I see it, Ponziconomy fraudsters manage to steal way more money than petty thieves combines. Big time thievin’.

Why don’t their neighborhoods get the credit they deserve for being home to big time criminals?

So I figured I’d kick it off here. So far, I have three on the map: the pre-arrest Minnesota homes of Tom Petters, Denny Hecker, and Trevor Cook.

I’m already starting to have doubts about the true nature of the “wealth” of the western suburbs.

Here are a few more white collar criminals I’d like to add to the list. If you have a previous home address for any of them, shoot me an email or leave a comment.

Charles “Chuck” E. Hays
Steven Renner
Renee Marie Brown
Neulan Midkiff
Jonathan Helgason
Gerard Cellette
Kalin Thanh Dao

11 thoughts on “White Collar Crime Map for Minnesota”

  1. Since these crimes are really so much more dangerous than those petty crimes in the city, you really should make those pins larger, just to show how unsafe these suburban areas are.

  2. Why not add their company headquarters in a different color? After all, while the dirty money may have paid for their homes, the dirty work was done at the office.

  3. @Matthew, I considered that, but quickly stumbled across Joel Pourier, who embezzled $1.38 million from American Indian charter school, and Nathan Mueller, who embezzled $8.5 million from his employer, ING (apparently, his $83,000 salary wasn’t covering his strip club habit). So while there are cases where a company benefits from white collar crime, it’s not universal, so I’m not going to do that here. Although it would be an interesting project to see.

    Also, so far I’ve limited the posts to deals $1 million or larger.

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