Vandalism of Tom Emmer’s Wikipedia Page

Vandalism of MN political candidate’s Wikipedia pages isn’t limited to people Luke Hellier claims not to be or know. For example, here’s a recent edit to Tom Emmer’s page:

Vandalism on Tom Emmer's Wikipedia Page

That particular edit was live on Emmer’s page for a whopping 4 minutes before Emmer’s page was reverted back to its previous version by the editor, AlexiusHoratius. According to this editor’s page, the editor happens to be a U of MN grad and lives in Minneapolis. It seems like the editor’s interests are mostly aligned with improving the quality of Wikipedia articles over an interest in, say, state politics. That’s good to see. People like this are often more capable of helping shape a balanced article on a topic (including political candidates) than people working for a candidate or working for a candidate’s opponents.

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