Luke Hellier’s Style of Journalism: Part II

Back on March 26th, I showed an example of Luke Hellier completely hosing up a story by attributing a comment to the wrong person, calling a comment a blog post, and saying that the opinion of one anonymous blogger is the opinion of Democrats in general. And, doing nothing to correct this once it was pointed out repeatedly to Luke in the comments of his blog post.

It’s quite common for people to get things wrong. What’s impressive about Luke is that he doesn’t seem to care since he so rarely updates his posts to reflect new information that’s often completely counter to what he wrote.

It turns out that Luke is capable of editing previous posts, which is certainly news to me. After last week’s post, Ang kept checking in to see if Luke would really leave up such a blatantly wrong and misleading post on his site. Well, it turns out that Luke got around to editing it subtly and Ang spotted the change.


Luke Hellier's Totally Hosed Up Story

Changed to this:

Luke Hellier's Sneaky Edit

So Luke went back into that post to make one adjustment. Rather than say that an anonymous comment written on Gavin Sullivan’s blog was written as a post by Gavin Sullivan, Luke changed it to have, confusingly, two citations. No note was left by Hellier letting readers know that the post had been edited, so people reading the comments in the context of how the post reads today will have a hard time understanding why people are complaining about something that appears to have been fixed with a piece of cheap duct tape.

Here are some example comments that appears on Luke Hellier’s post after it was pointed out to him that his headline was inaccurate. After it was pointed out to him that he was citing the wrong person. After he was asked to retract and apologize for such a misleading post. After he was reminded to apologize. And after I wrote my post about his ridiculousness three days later. The comments suggesting that Luke do the right thing kept pouring in:

Comments Caused by Luke Hellier's Poor Choices

It’s really strange to watch Luke behave in such a childish manner on stuff like this. As I read the comments, it seems pretty clear that people are simply asking Luke Hellier to get his facts straight. Luke, it doesn’t make you less of an expert to admit that you’re wrong when you’re wrong.

Luke does seem to be getting a bit better at apologizing for his own writing. For example, Hart Van Denburg pointed out last month on CityPages that Luke apologized for writing a post where he inadvertently (presumably) cited a parody site as a source. Is that progress? Well, that was before he receded back to his previously misinform without retraction ways.

3 thoughts on “Luke Hellier’s Style of Journalism: Part II”

  1. It’s also interesting to note that he later went back on that Al Franken post and removed the portion of his apology that was directed to the Senator.

    The next time he accuses anyone for being blindly biased will be pretty fucking funny.

  2. You must not listen to any talk radio. He just writes the way they talk and no, they don’t do corrections either.

    Rightwing politics has transcended cognitive dissonance and has become little more than “because I said so” bloviation.

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