MNGOP’s Anti-Rybak #25: Green Party

Could someone who campaigned for a 3-time Democratic US Senator actually be a member of something called the Green Party? That sounds radical:

Rybak Sought Green Party Endorsement In 2001. “Minneapolis’ Green Party failed to endorse a candidate for mayor at its convention Saturday at the North Commons Community Center. Seeking endorsement were political unknown Jeffrey Booty, DFL City Council Member Lisa McDonald and Internet consultant R.T. Rybak. Candidates needed support from two-thirds of the 75 delegates who attended to win endorsement. Rybak was the top vote getter, with 50 percent of the vote.” (Rochelle Olson & Richard Meryhew, “No mayoral pick from Green Party,” Star Tribune, June 3, 2001)

As I understand Rybak’s political history, he wasn’t part of the DFL insider scene back in the day. At the time, he was attempting to run against an incumbent DFL mayor, Sharon Sayles Belton. Neither Rybak nor Sayles Belton received an endorsement from the DFL that year. In fact, 2009 was the first year Rybak received the DFL endorsement, so the MN GOP may be overly focused on the 2001 Rybak rather than the 2010 Rybak.

While it doesn’t apply to Rybak, it’s worth pointing out that saying that someone’s a member of the Green Party is not a slur by any means. There are some excellent people involved in that party in Minneapolis, including Minneapolis 2nd Ward Councilmember, Cam Gordon, who publishes an excellent blog here.

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