MNGOP’s Anti-Rybak #30-32: Fundraising Promises

Rybak has taken PAC money at a lower rate than his GOP competitors, but that’s not the story the MN GOP is pushing:


2001 Rybak Promised Not To Take PAC Money; Now Rybak Rakes In PAC Money. “Rybak version 2001 scorned contributions by political action committees. His 2009 campaign committee reported $9,000 in PAC contributions by Sept. 1, all but five at the maximum election-year level of $500.” (Steve Brandt, “What a big difference years make for Rybak,” Star Tribune, October 20, 2009)

The MN GOP certainly wasn’t going to quote this part of the article: “To be sure, Rybak, in his first term, pushed through tighter ethics rules for City Hall, fulfilling another campaign pledge. The package requires disclosure of conflicts of interest and bars city employees from participating in decisions from which they stand to gain financially. It also tightened restrictions on nepotism and established an ethics board.”

Rybak is not the first or last candidate to fail to live up to every campaign promise made. And, of course, this is nothing compared to the PAC money Marty Seifert is stuffing in his pockets, as Politics in Minnesota reported:

“Seifert also accepted (and thus solicited) contributions from interest group PACs with long-held, clearly articulated legislative goals including the PACs of the Beer Wholesalers Association, the Automotive Retailers, the Minnesota Credit Union Network, the Minnesota Nurse Anesthetists, Great River Energy, the Associated Builders & Contractors, Minnesota Agri-Growth Council, the Minnesota Cable Communications Association and others.

You get the point. Seifert may not accept money from “registered lobbyists,” but he’s been actively — and successfully — soliciting contributions from the special interests they represent. Smoke and mirrors by semantics. One other fun note, Seifert does accept money from the spouses of registered lobbyists, like John Breitinger, who is married to contract lobbyist Jennifer Breitinger.”

2001 Rybak Pledged Not To Take Money From Those Who Do Business With City; Now Rybak Accepts Contributions From Those Doing Business With City. “In 2001 he declined contributions from those who did business with the city and derided incumbent Sharon Sayles Belton for taking them. Now Rybak’s campaign has taken money from developers and their lobbyists, plus members of a law firm that represents the city.” (Steve Brandt, “What a big difference years make for Rybak,” Star Tribune, October 20, 2009)

Hey, would you look at that. The MN GOP has, once again, pulled a second talking point pulled from the exact same article to pad their anti-Rybak stats.

2001 Rybak Opposed Off-Year Fundraising; Now Rybak Raises Big Money In Off-Years. “Rybak’s 2001 idea to bar off-year fundraising represents another reform that didn’t happen. He hosted just such an event at the end of his second year in office and never looked back, raising a total of $135,434 in his non-election years; last year he pulled in the most yet: $40,555.” (Steve Brandt, “What a big difference years make for Rybak,” Star Tribune, October 20, 2009)

Yes, ti’s yet another 3-fer redundant anti-Rybak talking point from the exact same article.

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