MNGOP’s Anti-Rybak #9: Fees

Raise Fees

Running For Reelection In 2005, Rybak Pledged He Would Not Raise Fees. “If elected to a second term, the mayor said he would not raise fees, which he called a form of ‘hiding’ property tax increases that has been practiced in St. Paul.” (Rochelle Olson, “Who should keep the city’s books?” Star Tribune, October 5, 2005)

Who reading this would have predicted in 2010 that the economy would end up where it is back in 2005?

The MN GOP’s cherry picking left out two fiscally conservative takes on Rybak from the story they failed to link to: “I will do my next four budgets like I’ve done the last six, which is pay off the credit card, focus on basic services and know when to say no,” Mayor R.T. Rybak said.


The two differ on whether it’s more important to pay down debt now (Rybak) or whether the city should slow debt repayment to put more cops and firefighters on the streets (McLaughlin).

I suppose those wouldn’t play toward the MN GOP’s preset talking points.

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