A Closer Look at the MN GOP’s Anti-Rybak Talking Points

Digging Deep into Mayor RT Rybak's Record

What would happen if you actually took a look at each of the Republican Party of Minnesota’s anti-Rybak talking points? Would they make one say, “Holy crap this Rybak guy is the devil incarnate”? Let’s find out.

I figured that there is no better way to find out just how evil thrice-elected Minneapolis Mayor and Gubenatorial candidate, R.T. Rybak really is than to examine the dirt that’s been dug up by his political opponents: The Minnesota Republican Party.

So I went straight to the source: MNGOP.com. There, I found a laundry list of anti-Rybak talking points outlining all that is evil about my mayor. I figured that this list is a solid source since people like Marty Seifert campaign operative, Ben Golnik, has endorsed it on Twitter:

Read the facts here

And Luke Hellier from Minnesota Democrats Exposed agrees that “the facts” about RT Rybak can be found in this MN GOP list:

@lukehellier Endorsing Anti-Rybak Talking Points

If one of Rybak opponent’s operatives and the host of the MN Repubican’s misinformation website both endorse this source of anti-Rybak “facts”, they “facts” must be pretty damning.

Starting at 8am tomorrow, I’ll publish one of the MN GOP’s “facts” each hour in an attempt to find out if Rybak is a suitable candidate for Governor. These are the same talking points that are continuously regurgitated by college Republicans and other non-original thinkers on Twitter, with little thought going into the policies behind actions. Don’t expect a lot of commentary with each point: most deserve little. But even a quick glance into the circumstances surrounding each MN GOP talking point tends to reveal a lot more than the cherry picked talking points do.


One major, but understandable, oversight in the MN GOP’s talking point list is links to the stories they’re cherry picking. While some of this blame falls to the StarTribune.com, who does a horrible public service (and hurts their own ad revenue) by not publishing linkable public archives of stories, there are plenty of cases where the original stories are available online yet still were not linked to by the MN GOP. It’s almost as if the MN GOP doesn’t want people to click through from their talking points to the original facts they’ve converted into “facts”.

Marty Seifert’s campaign operative, Ben Golnik, previously linked to this set of talking points with the preface “read the facts here” yet it’s hard to read the facts when they’re cherry picked with no links to the original news stories. Apparently, Mr. Golnik’s understanding of what “facts” means is different from my own. To make up for the MN GOP’s oversight (or intentional hindering of access to the whole story) I’ve added links when available to the original stories or other sites publicly hosting those stories today.

So, turn in tomorrow starting at 8am to see comparison after comparison of the MN GOP’s “facts” with a dose of historical context and links to original sources. If you’re not already a subscriber, hop on the RSS feed for free so you won’t miss a link.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll unsubscribe from your feed and add you again after your flood stops 🙂

  2. Nice…and I can’t help but wonder…what if Luke Hellier had wisely apologized 2090 hours ago like he should have, if tomorrow would have been 24 hours of tp folding posts instead of outing the lack of GOP integrity.

    Guess Luke is too late now, eh? Hope his green beer tasted sweet enough for two days.

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