Top-6 Minneapolis Social Media Campaigns You Haven’t Heard About

It seems like self-proclaimed social media marketing gurus in this town like to get together on a regular basis to discuss the same case studies over and over again. Yes, Punch is good at running time sensitive promotions on Twitter. But what else is happening?

Here are five that seem to be flying under the radar for a variety of reasons. For one, the only reason you should know about a social media campaign is if you’re a prospective customer. That’s the reach that matters for businesses. Also, there are people who are very good at connecting with customers who are less interested in bacon.

Without further ado, here are five doing some good stuff with their audiences:

1. Rail Station – This neighborhood bar on Minnehaha Ave S in Minneapolis has – as of this writing – 960 Facebook fans, 512 Twitter followers, a Foursquare offer that rewards loyalty (free drink every 5th visit), and an eClub integrated into their Facebook page for emails of events and special offers.

2. True Thai – This Thai restaurant on Franklin Ave at 27th Ave S has 1,042 Twitter followers, an active blog.

3. Pov’s – Out in Andover, Pov’s Sports Bar & Grill has 1,320 friends on MySpace. They’re also promoting upcoming dart tournaments and bands on Twitter.

4. Good Sports Bar & Grill – North Minneapolis’ new bar at 200 W Broadway has only been open since Feb 4th but already have over 100 followers on their active Facebook fan page.

5. Minnesota Zoo – The Minnesota Zoo has over 6,000 Facebook fans, where they link to Zoo related news, promote events, link to webcams, and answer questions from fans.

6. Surly Bikes – The local bike company has over 500 followers on Twitter, over 300 Flickr friends of the Surly group on Flickr (and another 550+ following Surly Bike Builds).

So, are any of these businesses benefiting from using social media as a marketing channel? I don’t know. However, it seems likely that they are if they’re connecting with some of their most loyal customers. Getting regulars to visit slightly more often is probably one the best ways to increase revenues. And they can do it for nearly free (no hard costs). And it doesn’t involve printing yellow pages directories.

5 thoughts on “Top-6 Minneapolis Social Media Campaigns You Haven’t Heard About”

  1. Super interesting post. True Thai having over 1k followers is mind-blowing. Anyone thinking of starting a high-quality restaurant in Seward should be really encouraged by this sort of local support.

  2. Ouch. I wasn’t going to leave a comment but I do feel like I should clarify that True Thai Twitter count. TT friends anyone not selling porn or linkspam. I don’t think they’ve done even a dozen tweets in the ten months they’ve been on Twitter.

    Which is not to say that TT doesn’t have good support in the Seward neighborhood, or that a lot of their fans don’t look for ways of showing their support. But TT’s real social media asset is the owner’s blog, Anna’s True Thai News. Because Anna has written about so many different aspects of Thai food and culture, Google drives a lot of traffic to her blog and the restaurant’s website and when Google likes you, everyone else does too.

    Another very good user of social media is The Happy Gnome. Tweeting keg tappings is f’ing brilliant.

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