Three Questions for Luke Hellier

1. When you wrote a headline that said, “DFL TAKES STAND AGAINST ISRAEL” based on a Tweet that said, “The DFL Progressive Caucus unanimously passed my resolution . . .” were you purposefully lying or just plain wrong?

2. How can you expect to be taken seriously when you mislead your readers over and over again? It’s one thing to take a nugget of truth and frame it in the most positive light for your favorite political party or candidate (or against an opponent) but you’re crossing the line on a fairly regular basis. This should be an embarrassment to the MN GOP since media members are busy people and don’t have time to filter through misleading blog posts. Surely there must be someone more credible within Minnesota’s GOP who could take on the role as Minnesota Democrats Exposed’s blogger.

3. It has been 24 days since I asked you to apologize for misrepresenting my words. You can expect a daily reminder of this until you prove that your word is something you value.

Bonus question: Have you considered firing yourself from for the good of your political party? You seem to care a lot about the Minnesota GOP, so wouldn’t you agree that the party would be better off with you serving in a different position?

4 thoughts on “Three Questions for Luke Hellier”

  1. Okay, a typo cost my better reply, so this one is on fumes and abridged. (is that a cheer I just heard?)

    To me, this has become a character issue now. Originally, it might have been a young party flak mistake that might have been corrected with a simple apology directly from Luke.

    Then, after a couple days it shows not only a lack of integrity of Luke personally, but a lack of management and accountability of the GOP party as a whole (since no one is fooled, that MDE is totally supported by the GOP and their supporters.

    So now, almost a month later…what does this situation say about the GOP party?
    –lacks integrity
    –says shit and expects people to forget it
    –avoids accountability
    –does not know how to manage situations or employees

    Therefore, what will I think about any GOP candidate next November…yup, that they will say shit and avoid responsibility for it. Doesn’t that party have any people at any level who can pick up the phone and tell Luke to correct his mistake?

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