Minnesota Democrats Exposed vs. Jucy Lucy Restaurants

Back on December 24th, I mentioned that MinnesotaDemocratsExposed.com had been dropped from Google after the site was compromised by hackers.

Google is a major source of traffic for most websites, so getting dropped from the search giant is generally not a good thing.

Web traffic analysis firm, Compete.com, suggests that MDE’s month over month unique visitors were down 17% with year over year stats down 83% for the month of December.

For comparison, here’s how MinnesotaDemocratsExposed.com is doing vs. my contribution to tracking Minnesota’s contribution to international cuisine, JucyLucyRestaurants.com.

MinnesotaDemocratsExposed.com vs JucyLucyRestaurants.com
Blue = MinnesotaDemocratsExposed.com, Green = JucyLucyRestaurants.com

It will be interesting to see what January’s stats look like a month from now, considering that MDE was only out of Google for a week or two of December. If they miss the entire month of January, perhaps cheesy goodness will overtake Luke Hellier’s underqualified attempts to steer political debates using cherry picked statements and outright lies.

7 thoughts on “Minnesota Democrats Exposed vs. Jucy Lucy Restaurants”

  1. @Bill, I was obviously having a little fun with the data here, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say that Compete.com’s data is meaningless. It’s certainly rough on low sample sites, but relative comparisons do seem to hold up well over time.

  2. For my site it shows a cyclical trend as opposed to the uphill climb I’ve actually experienced. Meaningless 🙂

  3. Perhaps the decline has nothing to do with Google. MDE has become a recycling center for Republican Party press releases and links to materials reported by others. There’s been nothing original there for a long time.

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