Supermedia’s New Business Priorities

While Joe is trying to convince me to use print yellow pages for local business information, the company he apparently works for seems to see a future for itself in other markets. Idearc Media – the company that has produced the Verizon yellow pages and recently went through a bankruptcy reorganization to deal with billions of dollars in debt – has a new name, Supermedia, and a new website where they’ve laid out their priorities from left to right:

Supermedia Website Priorities

Looks like Online Advertising is the future, followed by helping businesses created web presences that are actually worth marketing (a definite impediment to the growth in online advertising). Maybe Joe will be going to talking point reprogramming camp sometime soon?

One thought on “Supermedia’s New Business Priorities”

  1. The problem with this is…….sales models don’t work well in .com

    You can’t set it and forget it like a phone book. Big margins don’t work. Proprietary systems don’t work. 12 month contracts no longer work. Big unaccountable commissioned sales reps don’t work….new rep every year doesn’t work. India fulfillment doesn’t work….. I can keep going but I digress.

    Google marketing is much different than YP phone book ads….they have a sketchy future if you ask me.

    From 3.5 billion to 2.2 billion to 1.6 billion by 2013……..hopefully Scott Klein, the CEO, takes a paycut to save a few more jobs during the continued decline.

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