Run Minneapolis: 26th Street

40th Ave S at 31st St E

Back on a pre-snowfall November 28th, I crossed Minneapolis on 26th and 28th Streets. But first, I picked off a few streets South of that route to get things started.

El Norteno

El Norteno is one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in the city. Very friendly service. Authentic food. Awesome. The only person to give the place a 2-star or lower review on Yelp lives in Woodbury, which reinforces place’s awesomeness. Next time try Don Pablo’s, John G.

East Lake Liquor Store

I’m the mayor of East Lake Liquor on Foursquare. So far, that hasn’t earned me any deals there.

Video Lease

Video Lease is Longfellow’s finest porn shop. And only.

Immanuel Baptist Church

Heading North, I connected with W Mississippi River Rd near 26th and started West from there. The Immanuel Baptist Church is at 36th Ave S.

Hexagon Bar

Hexagon Bar is a cool music venue and some excellent Heggies pizzas. Their pizza oven is damaged, so the bartenders have to keep a close eye on things to create an even cook job but they have it down. It’s also a great spot to for morning drinking.

Hearing and Service Dogs of Minnesota

The Hearing and Service Dogs of Minnesota headquarters near 26th St & 25th Ave is where dogs are trained to help Minnesotans live more independent lives. Volunteer opportunities are posted on their website.

Fence Mural along 26th St E

West of Cedar on 26th, things get a little rough, but people are proving that they care and are fighting back against the bad eggs by taking steps to prevent graffiti on their property through murals like this one.

Boarded Up Houses on 26th St E

Boarded up properties are fairly common in Phillips. It’s one of the harder hit areas on the South side of Minneapolis.


I don’t know what this Praxair contraption behind Abbot Northwestern Hospital does, but I’m impressed by the ice that hangs off it year round.


The Zurrah Shrine and Event Center resides in the old Harrington Mansion at Park Ave & 26th. Partying in the Red Fez room in the carriage house sounds like a good time to me. Depending on how closely you follow Freemason real estate deals, you may not realize that this is being put up for sale, so you could own your own event center soon.

Minneapolis Skyline from 26th St E Bridge

Here’s the Minneapolis skyline from the 26th St E bridge over 35W.

Welcome to Whittier

Whittier shows off the neighborhood’s draws, including art museums, theaters, and Eat Street restaurants on their sign.

Little Tijuana Restaurant

One of my favorite late night stops, Little Tijuana, is just East of Nicollet on 26th. As reviews consistently suggest, the hours are the best thing this place has to offer.

Calvary Baptist Church

Calvary Baptist Church, at 26th & Blaisdell, has been at this corner since 1883, and the current building dates back to 1902.

Common Roots Cafe

Common Roots Cafe, at 26th & Lyndale, is one of Carly’s favorite restaurants in the city. Great food with a strong focus on fresh non-industrial local ingredients.

CC Club

The CC Club feels like the kind of place that should have an exemption from the smoking ban. The place describes what it’s looking for on its MySpace page as, “Local Minneapolis people, drunks, punks, hip hop kids, pool sharks, rockers, scenesters, indie kids, emo kids, and anyone willing to buy me a drink.”

Jefferson Community School

Jefferson Community School‘s playground abuts Hennepin Ave at 26th. The school has a NASA partnership, which may interest‘s Bencredible.

Home on Lake of the Isles

A few blocks past Hennepin, I ran into Lake of the Isles. Not literally. While working my way over to 28th for the return trip East across town, I remembered how much I like this house. If I ever end up owning it, expect to see me on the top balcony shooting trap shot out over the lake.

I’ll save 28th St for another post.

5 thoughts on “Run Minneapolis: 26th Street”

  1. I suspected that Praxair contraption has something to do with oxygen supply, so I looked it up, and yup, they supply gases like oxygen and cryogenic gasses. I’m guessing Abbott had it installed to supply oxygen to the hospital without having to get those bulky tanks delivered.

  2. The city has since demolished one of the graffiti houses that you pictured! I couldn’t remember but your pic makes it clear. That whole row needs to go.

  3. We have one of those liquid oxygen tanks at work. The metal structure is just a giant heat exchanger to warm it up to gas phase before it enters the building. Even when it’s 20 below outside, that’s pretty warm if you’re liquid oxygen.

  4. I second your comment on Common Roots. It is def one of the best in the city. A friend of
    mine owns it, and he’s very passionate about sustainable ingredients, plus he’s just generally a cool guy. =)

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