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MinnesotaDemocratsExposed.com Dropped from Google

I mentioned on December 20th that Minnesota Democrats Exposed had been hacked, which can be verified by this Google search result for [Michael Brodkorb] where Google clearly sees a pharmaceutical spam site instead of Luke Hellier’s typical bloviating.

Michael Brodkorb's Hacked MDE Search Result

Since then, things have taken a turn for the worse for MinnesotaDemocratsExposed.com. Now, not only are they not displaying pill popping pages for search results, they’re not showing up at all. For example, here’s a current search result for [Michael Brodkorb] where only days ago the top result was MinnesotaDemocratsExposed.com’s spam hosting website:

Michael Brodkorb on Google

The MinnesotaDemocratsExposed.com male enhancement spam is now gone. Why is it gone? Because the entire MinnesotaDemocratsExposed.com website has been dropped from Google.

The entire website? Correct. Here’s a screenshot of a search for [site:minnesotademocratsexposed.com] which reports every page Google currently has indexed from within that domain name.

site:minnesotademocratsexposed.com Search Result

How many pages is Google indexing out of the thousands of pages of content hosted on MinnesotaDemocratsExposed.com? None. Zero. Zilch.

In case you missed it, take another look at the top search result for Michael Brodkorb’s name. See where it says, “Buy Cheap Software”? That’s another hacked website throwing up spam (The site appears to belong to The Australian Jewish News). This time the spam is for software rather than pills.

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