Ben Golnik Tweets About Getting Out of Minneapolis – from Minneapolis

This looks like a case of technology revealing hypocrisy.

Check out the little zinger from Ben Golnik where he says I need to get out of Minneapolis more:

Ben Golnik Twittering Nonsense From Minneapolis

Ha ha. You got me Ben. I live in Minneapolis, so I have no idea what the value of a dollar is to average Minnesotans. You must be so much more in touch, being the former regional campaign manager for a guy who doesn’t know how many houses he owns (John McCain). Since we’re talking about Minneapolis tax dollars in this ongoing argument, so you’d think I’d have a grasp for the value of taxes I spend. But, perhaps your out state perspective is a bit different due to cost of living differences? You’re claiming to have an out state perspective, right? I’m a little confused because your Facebook photo looks pretty darn urban to me.

Let’s take a look at Ben Golnik’s twitter bio, where he includes the Latitude and Longitude of where he’s twittering from. For those of you not familiar with this sort of thing, some of the programs you can use to send and receive messages on Twitter allow you to publish your current location. This comes across as latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates like what you see below:

Ben Golnik Twittering Nonsense From Minneapolis

The numbers don’t mean much if you’re a geocacher, so let’s check out where Google Maps places a latitude of 44.971898 together with a longitude of -93.270549 (aka, Where is Ben Golnik twittering from?):

View Larger Map

Holy crap! Ben Golnik is in downtown Minneapolis! He’s giving me advice on exploring Minnesota from the most urban area in the entire State of Minnesota!

Admittedly, this may not be entirely accurate since he sent this particular tweet from Twitter’s website rather than from his Blackberry. The location mentioned in Golnik’s account is likely the last location he was at while Twittering using ƜberTwitter on his Blackberry. That would have been at ~10am on December 22nd. After that he switched to twittering from the website, which may be explained by this tweet:

Ben Golnik's Blackberry Isn't Working

When a guy tells me I need to get out more while twittering from somewhere that’s more in than me, should I believe him? This is the same guy who said this:

“The Republican turnout machine was very successful in 2004, and put George Bush back in the White House for a second term,” said Golnik. “That machine is more sophisticated, is more battle-tested, and frankly, is just better than what the Democrats have. The Democrats are trying to play catchup but the Republican methodology is just vastly superior to what the Democrats have.”

I get the impression that he’s paid to talk rather than says what he believes. Sure, there may be some overlap between the two, but what people will say for money tends to have an odor that you don’t find in authentic speech.

Ben, I don’t question your enthusiasm for GOP candidates, but I’m having a hard time trusting your opinions right now. Can you give me a reason why I should?

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  1. I don’t suppose it would impress Ben to mention your summer vacation was spent riding a bike from Duluth to Silver Bay to Ely to Virginia to Hibbing and back, eh?

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