Websites That Help Twin Citians Do Their Thing

Here are a few sites people around town may find valuable for getting stuff done, connecting with others, or improving the interestingness of their day. The inspiration for this is a couple high school friends who’ve recently moved back to town and are painfully out of touch with the various ways people are connecting in the Twin Cities.

1. Twin Cities Transit – Mobile: ( is a mobile-optimized version of the Metro Transit bus schedules. This easy to navigate system is a welcome alternative to the official transit system’s site navigation. If you have a web-friendly phone and use our local transit system, bookmark this one now.

2. Thrifty Hipster: ( – want to find out where the drink specials are in any part of town at any time of day? Thrifty Hipster will make your dollars or buzz go further by helping you zero in on the deals.

3. Foursquare ( Sign up for Foursquare and connect with your friends over SMS, a mobile website, Android, or iPhone app. This helps you connect with your friends in real-time or find out about cool places your friends have tried. And you earn points for trying new places. Points!

4. Urbanspoon ( Urbanspoon is an excellent website for keeping track of restaurants you’ve tried and would like to try. Their spoon up/down system makes it very easy to give some feedback to others, which are then converted into ratings of each venue. By connecting with friends on this site, you can find out which places your friends have tried, which places you both like or hate, and which places you’d both like to try. You can connect with me here.

5. Wefollow and LocalTweeps: ( & Presuming that you’re on Twitter (you should be), both of the above sites are good places to track down locals that you may find interesting. This may include both local individuals, businesses, and events with Twitter accounts.

That’s 5+ to get things rolling. What would you add to this list?

4 thoughts on “Websites That Help Twin Citians Do Their Thing”

  1. I concur with foursquare, I would add to the list. When I roll into a new city the first two places pulled up on my phone are foursquare and yelp.

  2. Ed, thanks for the recommendation about I recently updated its design to make it more readable and user friendly, and have a few new useful features up my sleeve. Feature suggestions are always welcome via our Get Satisfaction page (just click the ‘feedback’ link). 🙂

    Regards, Paul

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